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Welcome to First Nations Women Advocating Responsible Mining. On our site you can find out  about us and what we stand for, fact sheets, stories, media release and coverage, information on upcoming events and links to other informative sites.                                                                                                                                                            Please report any broken links to: meda@fnwarm.com                                                                                                                                  

OCT. 24 – Time extended for Polley investigation:  VANCOUVER 24 HOURS
OCT. 24 – BC tables amendment to Mine Act allowing more time to investigate, charge offenders.
OCT. 24 – Imperial Metals issues Mount Polley remediation update, has installed berms, pumps: BUSINESS IN VANCOUVER
OCT. 24 – Imperial Metals responds to claims of bacteria: CKNW AM 980
OCT. 24 –  Premier Clark apologizes for wrongful death of First Nations chiefs: CP
OCT.23: NR: BC redresses Tsilhqot'in hangings: NEWS RELEASE ...  BACKGROUNDER                                                          OCT.23: NEWS – Mine rejection improper, lawyer tells court - Taseko Mines wants compensation: CP
OCT.23: NR – Imperial Metals Corporation: Mount Polley Remediation Update: IMPERIAL

OCT. 22: NEWS – Taseko seeks to sue Ottawa for damages over B.C. mine rejection:  FINANCIAL POST 
OCT. 22: NEWS – Taseko in court with judicial reviews: WILLIAMS LAKE TRIBUNE
OCT. 22: NEWS – Fresh concerns from water testing in Lake Quesnel: CKNW AM) AM980
OCT. 22: NEWS – N.W.T. mines owe 'hundreds of millions' in securities re  clean up after mining operations:
OCT. 22: BLOG – The indigenous land rights ruling that could transform Canada. Indigenous rights offer a path to a radically more just and sustainable country – which is why the Canadian government is bent on eliminating them:
OCT.22: COLUMN – Define ‘consultation’ and ‘social licence.’ Jeffrey Simpson:
OCT.20: NEWS – First Nations 'warriors' claim responsiblity for burning bridge to mine:
SALMON ARM OBSERVER           OCT.20: NEWS – Elk Valley watershed: Why has this unfolding disaster been ignored? GLOBE AND MAIL                           OCT.20: NEWS – Parties prepared to return to court in lawsuit over Peel: WHITEHORSE STAR                                             

OCT.17: NEWS – Financial support lacking for Likely: WILLIAMS LAKE TRIBUNE
OCT.17: NEWS – BC Treaty Commission Report does not reflect importance of Aboriginal title:
OCT.17: NEWS –  B.C.’s top court dismisses Water Act challenge to fracking operations: CP
OCT.17: NEWS – A massive dam – and a massive legal test:
OCT.17: NEWS – Industry group urges B.C. to invest in 'clean energy' instead of Site C:
OCT.17: NEWS – RCMP tracked movements of Indigenous activist from ‘extremist’ group: documents: APTN
OCT. 16: NEWS- Warriors burn bridge, demand company behind Mount Polley spill leave: APTN
OCT. 16: NEWS – Northwest B.C. mine blockade ends for now: TERRACE STANDARD
OCT. 16: NEWS – First Nations challenge to Site C approval could make dam a test case: GLOBE AND MAIL
OCT. 16: NEWS – Caribou projects to help boost herds: ROCKY MOUNTAIN OUTLOOK
OCT. 16: NEWS- CRD and TNG work toward agreement: WILLIAMS LAKE TRIBUNE

OCT. 15: NEWS – Site C Dam gets gov’t permits: B.C. gives environmental OK to $7.9-billion Site C dam: GLOBE AND MAIL
OCT. 15: NEWS –  Site C dam granted environmental assessment approval: CBC
OCT. 15: NEWS – Tailings dam inspections in B.C. dropped off suddenly in 2010, 2011:
OCT. 15: NEWS – Another View: Time for truth in B.C. treaty talks. BLACK PRESS
OCT. 15: NEWS – Christy Clark's Proposed Policy Overhaul Is Breathtakingly Stupid: HUFFPOST.CA 
– B.C. didn’t inspect Mount Polley mine in 2010, 201: GLOBE AND MAIL 
OCT.14: NEWS – BC Mines Averaged 510 Health and Safety Orders Weekly Since 2000: THE TYEE
OCT.14: NEWS – Taseko seeks damages over Prosperity decision: BUSINESS IN VANCOUVER
OCT.14: NEWS – Totem Pole raised at Fish Lake to celebrate BC’s newest Tribal Park: THE NELSON DAILY

OCT.10: NEWS – Effects from Mt. Polley Mine Breach To Be Felt For Decades: CKPG
OCT.10: NEWS – Experts fear sediment from Mount Polley tailings pond could contaminate watershed: GLOBAL TV
OCT.10: NEWS – Opposition demands Mount Polley reports be released:  BLACK PRESS
OCT.10: NEWS – Imperial Metals granted interim injunction, Red Chris protesters celebrate. Temporary injunction granted but interlocutory injunction and enforcement order weren't:
OCT.9: NEWS – Extinguishing Aboriginal title rights and replacing them with treaty rights in BC:
OCT.9: NEWS – Sediment from Mount Polley mine collapse found deep in Quesnel lake: VANCOUVER SUN
OCT.9: NEWS – B.C. breaking info act by not disclosing Mount Polley reports: lawyers: MINING.COM ...  formal complaint:
OCT.9: NEWS – Copper in Quesnel Lake, Many Concerns in Aftermath of Mount Polley Tailings Spill: MINININGWATCH
OCT.9: NEWS - Baffin Inuit org flush with Mary River IIBA cash - $18.7 million surplus 2014:  NUNATSIAQ NEWS
OCT.9: NEWS – Regulatory, permitting system needs fixing: executives: WHITEHORSE STAR
OCT.9: NEWS – Environmental screening lacks clarity, study suggests: VANCOUVER SUN
OCT.9: NEWS Fracking Moratorium Backed By 70% Of Canadians: Poll: HUFFINGTON POST.CA

OCT.8: NEWS - FNWARM chair Chief Bev Sellars wins literary award: WILLIAMS LAKE TRIBUNE                                                         OCT.8: NEWS – Government’s suppression of Mount Polley report ‘verges on the absurd’: lawyer: GLOBE AND MAIL
OCT.8: NEWS– Researchers track Mount Polley effects: WILLIAMS LAKE TRIBUNE
OCT.8: NEWS – Mount Polley plankton results are in: WILLIAMS LAKE NEWS
OCT.7: NEWS – Protestors ready for arrests at Red Chris Mine blockade: TERRACE STANDARD
OCT.7: COLUMN–  MLA Report: Mount Polley disaster should be a wake up call: REVELSTOKE CURRENT
OCT.6: NEWS – Imperial Metals says it addressed 2010 concerns at Mount Polley mine.: VANCOUVER SUN 
OCT.6: NEWS– First Nations chiefs seek to develop new tribal park in BC:
OCT.6: NEWS –  B.C. signed-off on tailings dam repair after fissure found in 2010: GLOBE AND MAIL
OCT.6: NEWS – Blockade could shut mine: Imperial Metals: 24 HOURS VANCOUVER
OCT.6: NEWS – Tseshaht block forestry operations in Nahmint - rights not recognized: ALBERNI VALLEY TIMES

OCT.3: NEWS – Mine research findings focus of open house: WILLIAMS LAKE TRIBUNE
OCT.3: BLOG – Mount Polley eyewitness:
OCT.3: NEWS – Tsilhqot’in National Government draws line in sand with totem pole:
OCT.3: EDITORIAL – MLAs need to get B.C. back in business: VANCOUVER SUN
OCT.3:  COLUMN – First Nations have clout in Site C dam battle:
OCT.2: NEWS – Protestors gather at Imperial Metals Vancouver office to support Red Chris Mine blockade:
OCT.2: NEWS – Taseko wants to sue Ottawa for regulatory unfairness:
OCT.2: NEWS – Quebec Innu says they’re serious about compensation for iron ore mining:
OCT.2: NEWS – Fracking in wintry areas linked to high pollution:
OCT.1: NEWS –  Mount Polley Inspection Reports:
OCT.1: NEWS –  Climate change affecting Canada’s northern forests ‘faster than the global average:’government report: HILL TIMES
OCT.1: NEWS – Details on rights and title continue to unfold: WILLIAMS LAKE TRIBUNE
OCT.1: NEWS – Three years in, B.C. Liberals add First Nations, small business to jobs plan: CP

SEPT.30: NEWS – No cracks in the B.C. Liberals’ stonewall on Mount Polley: VANCOUVER SUN 
SEPT.30:NEWS – Tahltan activists block Red Chris mine site:
SEPT.30: NEWS– NWT doles out exploration grants as diamond activity heats up: MINING.COM
SEPT.30: NEWS – Worker says he got lead poisoning at mine cleanup:
CBC                                                                                                SEPT.29: NEWS – Imperial’s cleanup plan underway for Mount Polley, but questions remain: VANCOUVER SUN

Sept. 27: NEWS – Gitxaala First Nation granted leave to appeal Northern Gateway pipeline: CBC
Sept. 27: NEWS – First Nations threaten lawsuit over planned environmental rule changes:
YUKON NEWS                                           SEPT.26: NEWS – Crack in Mount Polley mine’s dam noted in 2010 inspection report:  VANCOUVER SUN
SEPT.26: NEWS – Investigations get underway at Mount Polley Mine:
SEPT.26: NEWS – Salmo-area dam failure would have ‘very high’ consequences: NELSON STAR
SEPT.26: NEWS – Canada to Push Aboriginal Treaties amid Stalled Pipelines: BUSINESS WEEKLY
Latest Mount Polley test results released: CKNW AM.
SEPT.25: NEWS – Likely businesses want help dealing with Mount Polley fallout: CFNR Radio
SEPT.25: NEWS – B.C. First Nations vow to ‘work together’ with resource industries despite historic land claim ruling: POSTMEDIA
SEPT.25: NEWS – North coast FNs position for resource boom. Businesses tap into mining on traditional territories: VANCOUVER SUN
SEPT.25: NEWS – B.C. Supreme Court says First Nations can’t force governments to negotiate resolution of legal dispute: CP
SEPT.25: NEWS – Federal agency monitors First Nations’ and environmental protests in BC: STRAIGHT.COM

SEPT.24: NEWS – Opposition presses Liberals on mine breach: WILLIAMS LAKE TRIBUNE
SEPT.24: NEWS –  First Nation issues Site C ultimatum:
SEPT.24: NEWS – Okanagan sockeye restoration successful with decade-long effort:  
SEPT.24: NEWS – Aboriginal title 'a first step,' UBCM told:  
SEPT.24: NEWS – First Nation leaders call for halt on Ring of Fire permits: NORTHERN ONTARIO BUSINESS
SEPT.24: NEWS – Canadian miners struggle amid oversupply, price collapse:
SEPT.23: COLUMN – Mount Polley’s Sister Mine: We Must Do This One Right:
SEPT.23: NEWS – Innu get go-ahead in $900M suit against Rio Tinto for mining lands without consent:
SEPT.22: NEWS – AFN regional chief  strongly against proposed EA changes in Yukon:
SEPT.22: NEWS – Mount Polley disaster undermines public trust: GLOBE AND MAIL

SEPT.19: NR  – Latest Mount Polley water sample results: BC GOVT
SEPT.19: NEWS Researchers collect data as mine cleanup continues:
SEPT.18: NEWS – Likely residents question mine on sewage concerns:
SEPT.18: NEWS – Mount Polley information slows to a trickle.
AM 730 Radio
SEPT.17: NEWS - Better environmental safeguards needed after Mt Polley:
SEPT.16: NEWS – Imperial Metals defends efforts to stop tailings discharge:
SEPT.15: NEWS – Anger and confusion after worst disaster in Canadian mining history:  NATIONAL POST
SEPT.15: NEWS – Mount Polley tailings spill effects could last for decades: GLOBE AND MAIL
SEPT.15: NEWS – Environment ministry pressures Mount Polley operator to speed cleanup: GLOBE AND MAIL
SEPT.15: NEWS – Christy Clark finally comes to grips with aboriginal title: GLOBE AND MAIL
SEPT.15: NEWS – Taseko Mines heads to Federal Court next month to fight rejection of B.C. mine: CP

SEPT. 12: VIDEO REPORT – Soda Creek members fear it could alter their lives for years to come: APTN
SEPT. 12: NEWS  – Dams under review after Mount Polley breach, mining leader says: GLOBE AND MAIL
SEPT. 12: NEWS – B.C. premier addresses First Nations ruling:
SEPT. 12: NEWS - – Aboriginal chiefs look for B.C. Premier Christy Clark’s talk to turn into action:  GLOBE AND MAIL
SEPT. 12: COLUMN - Liberals need a new relationship with First Nations-  NDP:
SEPT. 12: COLUMN –  Tsilhqot’in court ruling has ‘limits,’ and thorny questions.:
SEPT. 12: NEWS – Taseko's New Prosperity mine challenged by Tsilhqot'in park plan.:  
SEPT. 12:  COLUMN –   Tribal Park declaration adds uncertainty:
SEPT. 12: NEWS – Moose hunt impacted by rights and title decision: WI
SEPT. 12: NEWS - B.C. coal mine suspends activity amid low prices:
SEPT.11:NEWS – Tsilhqot’in set to declare site of New Prosperity mine a tribal park: VANCOUVER SUN
SEPT.11:NEWS - B.C. Premier Christy Clark, Tsilhqot’in Nation sign redress understanding: CP
SEPT.11:NEWS - Tsilhqot’in ruling brings Canada to the table: GLOBE AND MAIL 
SEPT.11:NEWS – Treaties across Canada could be affected by Robinson Huron court action: TORONTO STAR
SEPT.11:NEWS - B.C. bear policy called unsustainable: GEORGIA STRAIT

SEPT.10: NR – FNWARM Chair Nominated for Prestigious Literary Award: FNWARM
SEPT. 10: NEWS – Rain could trigger further tailings pond discharges at Mount Polley: GLOBE AND MAIL
SEPT. 10: NEWS – Mount Polley: B.C. orders mine to stop discharging effluent: CBC
SEPT. 10: NEWS – Failed dam subject to fewer outside inspections: VANCOUVER SUN
SEPT. 10: NEWS – First Nations protesters shut down northern B.C. drilling site: GLOBE AND MAIL
SEPT. 9: NR – Author Chief Bev Sellars shortlisted 2014 Burt Award: CODE
SEPT. 9: NEWS – In the absence of facts, fear takes hold of residents near breached mine:
SEPT.  8: NEWS – Reopen Mount Polley mine, union says
SEPT. 8: NEWS – No clean-up deposits collected from some N.W.T. mining projects: CBC
SEPT. 8: NEWS – Wild Rose leader proposes new frontier. Commercial, transport route across north: STAR PHOENIX

SEPT. 6: NEWS – Mount Polley spill bigger than thought, Imperial Metals says:  VANCOUVER SUN
SEPT. 6: NEWS – B.C. premier to address land ruling, hangings during historic visit to Tsilhqot’in territory:
SEPT. 5 NEWS – B.C. to address Supreme Court ruling, 1864 chiefs' hangings: CP
SEPT. 4: NR –  Tsilhqot'in Nation,Province begin redressing the past and addressing Tsilhqot’in Title:
SEPT. 4: VIDEO: Key messages from Canadians For a New Partnership Launch:
APTN  .... GLOBAL TV                               SEPT. 3: NEWS - Mount Polley Spill - Blue Film On Water: Biologist. Stings Like a Jellyfish: HUFFINGTON POST B.C.
SEPT. 2: COLUMN –  Mount Polley disaster shows it’s time for new monitors: VANCOUVER SUN
SEPT. 1: AUDIO– Radio interview with Salmon advocate Alexandra Morton re Mount Polley: CBC

AUG. 30: NEWS –  Elevated levels of chemicals found in Mount Polley sediment:  GLOBAL TV
AUG. 29: NEWS – Proposed placer mine fails to gain board’s support: WHITEHORSE STAR 
AUG. 29: NEWS, AUDIO – Nadleh Whut’en Invite First Nations to Sign Accord: CFNR-FM  
AUG. 29: NEWS – Mount Polley tailings spill disrupts future of local fishing lodge: VANCOUVER OBSERVER. 
AUG. 29: NEWS – Mount Polley to provide water filters: WILLIAMS LAKE TRIBUNE
AUG. 29: COLUMN – Cost cutting can backfire. TRI-CITIES NOW
AUG. 29: NEWS – Archaeologists in demand as  companies consult  if  sites historically significant. FINANCIAL POST   

AUG. 28: AUDIO – Interview with Secwepemc members at  Mount Polley encampment: CBC
AUG. 28: NEWS – Residents concerned by shifting sediment on Quesnel Lake from Mount Polley spill:  VANCOUVER SUN
AUG. 28: NEWS – – Mount Polley mine: tourism operators plead for help. Local operators facing financial disaster: CBC
AUG. 28: NEWS – Mount Polley spill: blockade ends, First Nation to oversee review of tailings pond: CP
AUG. 28:  COLUMN – Mount Polley tailings breach a wake-up call for mining industry – Suzuki:  STRAIGHT.COM
AUG. 28: NEWS – Taseko applies to convert judicial reviews to civil suit action: WILLIAMS LAKE TRIBUNE
AUG. 28: NEWS – Workshop helps First Nations map territories, histories: VICTORIA TIMES COLONIST

AUG. 27: NEWS - Tailings pond fallout fuels anti-mining sentiment. More bands challenging expansion plans for B.C.’s top employer of aboriginal workers: BUSINESS IN VANCOUVER
AUG. 27: NEWS – Canadian miner Taseko seeks damages over government decision: REUTERS
AUG. 27: NEWS – mandatory-reporting plan for energy and mining companies welcomed by provinces:
AUG. 27: NEWS – NWT says its ‘Ring of Ice’ diamond deposits rival Ontario’s ‘Ring of Fire.’
AUG. 26: NEWS –
After Mount Polley, a Recipe for Better Mines – republished in Republic of Mining: THE TYEE
AUG. 26: NEWS – 49 ‘dangerous occurrences’ at B.C. mine tailings ponds in past decade: ministry: VANCOUVER SUN 

AUG. 25: NR -  Tsilhqot’in Chiefs Question TML’s decision to drag out court process for years: TSILHQOT'TIN                 AUG. 25: NEWS –  Alaska requests greater involvement in oversight of large B.C. gold mine: CP
AUG. 25: NEWS –  New information gives salmon expert pause on mine leak impact. MACLEANS.CA
AUG. 25: NEWS – Testing finds elevated selenium in fish. Not a threat to human health, province says:  CBC
AUG. 25: NEWS – Some tests near Imperial's Canada mine spill show high copper: REUTERS
AUG. 25: NEWS –   Klein Says Canada Resources Bad Investment on Land Claims. BLOOMBERG
AUG. 25: NEWS – Gitxsan test new legal landscape for First Nations' grievances across Canada:  GEORGIA STRAIT
AUG. 25: NEWS – Google Earth setting sights on First Nations in Canada: CP

AUG. 22: NEWS – MOUNT POLLEY –Political fallout from Mount Polley mine spill may come from U.S.: VANCOUVER SUN
AUG. 22: NEWS –- Proposed B.C. mining projects spawn Alaskan river worries: CP
AUG. 22: NEWS – Northern mines await Mount Polley probe: TERRACE STANDARD
AUG. 22: NEWS – ecwepemc women’s Sacred Fire camp -entrance to Mount Polley Dsite: WARRIOR PUBLICATIONS
AUG. 22: NEWS –- First Nations poised to emerge as leaders in Ring of Fire development.: MININGMARKETS.CA

AUG. 21: NEWS –  Liberals keeping ‘dangerous occurrences’ at B.C. tailings ponds a secret: VANCOUVER SUN
AUG. 21: NEWS –  Mount Polley spill may be left in place: PRINCE GEORGE FREE PRESS
AUG. 21: NEWS – Answers sought in Mount Polley tailings pond breach: JOURNAL OF COMMERCE
AUG. 21:  COLUMN – Expect more disasters. Environment: Deregulation chickens home to roost:
VANCOUVER SUN    AUG. 20: NEWS – Mount Polley spill spurs order to check uranium ponds. 7 companies in Saskatchewan , Ontario: CBC
AUG. 20: NEWS –  Investigation into Mount Polley spill puts other B.C. mining projects on hold: GLOBE AND MAIL
AUG. 20: NEWS – Northern BC Mine Suspended as Experts Probe Polley Spill: THETYEE.CA 
AUG. 20: BLOG – What We Should Take Away From The Mount Polley Spill:  HUFFINGTON POST
AUG. 20: NEWS – Aboriginal land will be expropriated: FINANCIAL POST

AUG. 19: NR -  Tsilhqot’in Nation withdraws from Negotiations for Gibraltar Mine: TSILHQOT'IN                                                             AUG. 19: NEWS – Mount Polley Tailings Spill: B.C. Orders All Mines To Conduct Safety Inspections: CP
AUG. 19: NEWS– B.C. mine’s breached tailings pond one of 98 to undergo independent investigation: GLOBE AND MAIL
AUG. 19: NR.BACKGOUNDER - First Nations and government partner on response to Mt. Polley Mine breach:
AUG. 19: NEWS – Collateral damage: MP review adds another delay to Pacific Booker’s Morrison project. VANCOUVER SUN
AUG. 19: NEWS – Residents say Mines Minister should resign if  probe finds lack of provincial oversight:

AUG. 17: NEWS –B.C. government calls for Mount Polley review: GLOBE AND MAIL
AUG. 16: NEWS – B.C. expected to call independent inquiry into Mount Polley, other mines: VANCOUVER SUN
AUG. 16: NEWS – Mount Polley mine: sediment near spill may harm fish: CBC

AUG. 15: NEWS – Imperial Metals raising $100-million to clean up B.C. spill: REUTERS
AUG. 15: FEATURE – Why B.C. can expect more Mount Polley-style disasters. VANCOUVER OBSERVER
AUG 15: NR - Tsilhqot’in Increasingly Concerned about Cumulative Effects on Lands, Fish, Wildlife afterMt. Polley: TSILHQOT'IN      AUG.15: NEWS– Minister offers First Nation control over tailings pond review at Red Chris Mine: CP
AUG 15: NEWS  –Mount Polley mine spill fallout:. Tahltan and Neskonlith oppose Imperial Metals mines: CBC
AUG 15: NEWS – Tailings pond capacity under scrutiny in wake of Mount Polley breach: GLOBE AND MAIL
AUG 15: NEWS –Privacy watchdog to launch Mount Polley mine probe. GLOBE AND MAIL 
AUG 15: NEWS – Tailings disaster disrupts B.C.'s energy plans: WINNIPEG FREE PRESS
AUG 15: NEWS – Fouling nature - Manitoba's own mining mess wreaks havoc on our parks. WINNIPEG FREE PRESS
AUG 15: NEWS – Following B.C. disaster, Alaskans seek tougher review of Canadian mines: ALASKA DISPATCH
AUG 15: NEWS – Yukon First Nations share tips on impact agreements: CBC  

AUG. 14: NEWS - First Nation aims to evict Imperial Metals over Mount Polley tailings spill. CP
AUG. 14: NEWS -– Construction not a factor in tailings pond breach: SUN NEWS
AUG. 14:  EDITORIAL – Who designed the Mount Polley tailings dam? NORTHERN MINER
AUG. 14: NEWS - Cleaning up after Canada’s largest tailings pond leak  -  doing less, not more: MACLEANS

AUG. 13: NEWS –  Mount Polley not an environmental disaster – Bennett: VANCOUVER SUN
AUG. 13: NEWS – Polley Spill: Fish Safe, Water Ban Mostly Lifted: Neskonlith Indian Band eviction notice to Imperial : CP
B.C. further rescinds water-use ban near Mount Polley mine spill: GLOBE AND MAIL
AUG. 13: NEWS –Lax enforcement risks environment, projects: TIMES COLONIST
AUG. 13: NEWS – Prospecting for damage control in BC. BUSINESS IN VANCOUVER
AUG. 13: NEWS – Independent review needed following Mount Polley collapse. Government and industry have failed to learn from 50 years of tailings dam disasters: VANCOUVER SUN
AUG. 13: NEWS – Tsilhqot'in Nation case: What it means for resource development in Ontario: MININGMARKET.CA
AUG. 13: NEWS – The Klabona Keepers blockade the Red Chris mine over water concerns: RABBLE.CA

AUG. 12: NEWS –  First Nations worry Mount Polley impact not as benign as claimed. Aboriginal and environmental groups seek independent testing of lakes, rivers: CBC
AUG. 12: NEWS –  NDP questions personnel use in B.C. mine-spill investigation. GLOBE AND MAIL
AUG. 12: NEWS – Huge cleanup bill for Imperial Metals may force partial  asset sale:
AUG. 12: NEWS – University of Victoria puts First Nations land claim mapping in the spotlight:
AUG. 12: NEWS – First Nations alliance challenges ‘cancer’ in B.C. Treaty process: CP
AUG. 12:  NEWS – First Nations' land claims stall federal government sale plans:
AUG. 12:  ANALYSIS –  Tsilhqot’in Nation releases draft Mining Policy: 
Mining News

AUG. 11: NEWS – Flow from breached B.C. tailings pond in Cariboo region reduced: province:
AUG. 11: NEWS – Mount Polley mine spill: Polley Lake controlled release underway: CBC
AUG. 11: NR – Gov't  heartless stand against efforts to help First Nations devastated by Mount Polley: MUSQUEAM FN
AUG. 11: COLUMN – Missteps give B.C. residents no reason to trust companies or government: VANCOUVER SUN
AUG. 11: COLUMN – Mine spill leaves legacy of uncertainty for Christy Clark: VANCOUVER PROVINCE
AUG. 11: NEWS   –  Mount Polley mine: Ex-engineers warned tailings pond 'getting large:' CBC 
AUG. 11: NEWS – Dam Burst Won’t Delay Start of New Mine, Imperial Says: BLOOMBERG
AUG. 11: NEWS – Mount Polley tailings breach is a major industry concern: MAC
AUG. 11: NEWS – Imperial Metals insurance likely not enough for dam collapse cleanup. Restoration costs expected to be hundreds of millions of dollars: VANCOUVER SUN
AUG. 11: NEWS – Opposition calls to reverse approval of Fortune Minerals plant: STAR PHOENIX

AUG. 9: NR – Government takes heartless stand against efforts to help First Nations devastated by Mount Polley tailings pond catastrophe: MUSQUEAM FN                                                                                                                                                                  AUG. 9: COLUMN – Court ruling paves way for all nations to travel – Chiefs Alphonse and William: VANCOUVER SUN           AUG. 8: NEWS - Mount Polley mine spill: Water quality test results within drinking guidelines: CBC
AUG. 8: NEWS - Mount Polley breach: What Thursday’s tailings test won’t tell you: GLOBAL TV
AUG. 8: NEWS – What’s in Imperial Metals’ Mount Polley tailings? Should you be worried? GLOBAL TV
AUG. 8: NR - BC First Nations Energy and Mining Council Calls for Mining Reform: FNEMC
AUG. 8: NEWS – Globe and Mail – Mount Polly spill could affect whole mining industry: GLOBE AND MAIL
AUG. 8: NEWS – Dam Burst Threatens Canada Projects Seeking Approval: BLOOMBERG
AUG. 8: NEWS – Big mine dam rupture: ‘British Columbia’s Exxon Valdez.’ SEATTLE PI
AUG. 8: NEWS - Former Mount Polley Mine employee speaks out about the tailings pond breach: GLOBAL TV 
AUG. 8: NEWS – 23% Production boost preceded tailings dam breach at Mount Polley: VANCOUVER SUN
AUG. 8: NEWS – Mount Polley tailings breach: Who is Imperial Metals’ Murray Edwards? GLOBAL TV

AUG. 7: NEWS – Lax regs in B.C. allow toxic disasters to flow. Mine inspections has fallen: study: POSTMEDIA
AUG. 7: NEWS – Mount Polley mine disaster a blow to First Nations cooperation on B.C. mines: VANCOUVER SUN 
AUG. 7: EDITORIAL: Aboriginal groups achieving greater power. Demands could hurt B.C. economy: VANCOUVER SUN
AUG. 7: NR –Tsilhqot’in Nation Devastated by Recent Mount Polley Mine Tailings Pond Breach: TSILHQOT’IN NR
AUG. 7: NEWS – Mount Polley mine tailings spill: Imperial Metals could face $1M fine: CBC
AUG. 7: EDITORIAL  – Mount Polley   - Imperial's best not good enough – worst thing since Bre-X: NORTHERN MINER
AUG. 7: NEWS – Grand Chief compares Mount Polley disaster to Exxon Valdez: VANCOUVER OBSERVER
AUG. 7: NEWS – First Nations fear the worst for B.C.’s salmon population: GLOBE AND MAIL
AUG. 7: NEWS – Mount Polley mine spill threatens B.C. sockeye salmon run: CBC
AUG. 7: NEWS –Alaska concerns - Canadian dam fails, over 1 billion gallons of wastewater spilled: KYVA TV
AUG. 7: NEWS –– Dam failure:  Pebble mine foes say a similar incident would be worst nightmare: CORDOVA TIMES

AUG. 6: NR -  Polley disaster proves BC mining a mess - reform needed: FNWARM NEWS RELEASE                                          AUG. 6: NEWS –  Mount Polley 'The devastation up the lake is unbelievable: CBC
AUG. 6: NEWS – Mine warnings ignored, critics say:
AUG. 6: NEWS – Mount Polley mine tailings pond breach followed years of government warnings:
AUG. 6: NEWS – Mines minister: Tailings breach should not have happened: VANCOUVER SUN
AUG. 6: NEWS – Tailings ponds - what's in them, and how they're regulated? CBC
AUG. 6: NEWS –  Understaffing, deregulation to blame for Mount Polley  disaster: critics:
AUG. 6: NEWS – Tsilhqot'in send cease and desist letter to junior miner:
BUSINESS IN VANCOUVER                                              AUG. 6: NEWS -  AUG. 6: NEWS – TNG releases draft mining policy: WILLIAMS LAKE TRIBUNE
AUG. 5: NR – SNTC Condemns Mount Polley Mine Inaction: SHUSAP NATION                                                                                   AUG. 5: NEWS – Mount Polley Mine’s tailings pond - ‘massive environmental disaster: POSTMEDIA
AUG 5: NEWS –Tailings pond breach at Mount Polley Mine near Likely, BC: GLOBAL TV

AUG. 1: NEWS - B.C. First Nation behind landmark land title case releases mining policy: CP
JULY 31: NR – Tsilhqot’in Nation Announces Release of Draft Mining Policy:
NR  ...  DRAFT POLICY  ...   MAP
JULY 31:  NEWS – B.C. government approves $5.3-billion copper-gold mine in province's north: CP
JULY 31: NEWS –Top B.C. aboriginal leader to run for Justin Trudeau Liberals in Metro Vancouver riding. Jody Wilson-Raybould expected to be acclaimed in Vancouver Granville:
JULY 31: COLUMN - Aboriginal court decisions shouldn’t be dealbreakers – work with FNs .
JULY 30: COLUMN – Court ruling means Tsilhqot’in lands never belonged to Crown. Province will not be able to issue permits to third parties for resource exploitation: OUVER SUN
JULY 29: NEWS – Ont. First Nations prepared to lay down their lives to protect lands: chiefs: CP
JULY 23: NEES – Haida launch court challenge to Northern Gateway approval: WEST COAST NATIVE NEWS

JULY 17: NEWS  – B.C. government issued eviction notice. 24 HOURS VANCOUVER 
JULY 17: FEATURE– History repeats: Today's Northern Gateway debate sounds very familiar: TERRACE STANDARD.
JULY 16: NEWS – Seminal court ruling may affect future of First Nation engagement. MININGWEEKLY.COM
JULY 15: Letter – Dave Porter, FNEMCO, Bottom two per cent not a place to be: WL TRIBUNE
JULY 15: NEWS – Peel watershed trial concludes:  NORTHERN JOURNAL
JULY 14: NEWS – Who owns Canada? Judgment blueprint in unsettled land claims: EDMONTON JOURNAL
JULY 14 – Government bracing for court battles over navigable waterways: CBC NEWS
JULY 14: NEWS – Gwich’in Tribal Council makes its case in court. WHITEHORSE STAR

JULY 11: NEWS – Gitxsan First Nation evicting rail, logging, fishing interests:  Other B.C. bands also making claims following Supreme Court of Canada ruling: CP 
JULY 11: NEWS – Tsilhqot'in case not a template for resolving all First Nations land disputes. BUSINESS IN VANCOUVER 
JULY 11: NEWS – First Nations, gov't summit gains newfound urgency: PRINCE GEORGE CITIZEN
JULY 10: NEWS –  Plaintiffs argue case for Peel protection. YUKON NEWS
JULY 10: NEWS – A model for First Nations relations - Ontario Minister: NATIONAL POST
JULY 10: NEWS - Tsilhqot’in ruling a good reason to revisit Inuit land claims: lawyer: NUNATSIAQ NEWS
JULY 10: NEWS – New, old notions of land title: OTTAWA CITIZEN
JULY 9: NEWS – A model for First Nations relations -  Ontario Minister of Aboriginal Affairs: NATIONAL POST
JULY 9: NEWS - Tsilhqot’in ruling a good reason to revisit Inuit land claims: lawyer. NUNATSIAQ  NEWS
JULY 9: NEWS – New, old notions of land title: OTTAWA CITIZEN
JULY 8: NEWS –  Treaty vs. title: First Nations' new Tsilhqot'in choice: CBC
JULY 8: NEWS – Tsilhqot’in decision underscores need to finalize treaties -  Treaty Commissioner: VANCOUVER SUN
JULY 7: NEWS – Wild heart of the Yukon in gravest peril. ECOLOGIST
JULY 7: NEWS – First Nations, enviro groups challenge Yukon government over land-claim settlements: NATIONAL POST
JULY 7: NEWS – Thomas Berger’s latest fight: Keeping the Yukon wilderness wild: GLOBE AND MAIL

JULY 3: NEWS –  Investment gets the cold shoulder. VANCOUVER SUN
JULY 2: NEWS– Supreme Court land title ruling may affect First Nations financing. GLOBE AND MAIL
JULY 2: NEWS – Negotiation, not litigation is goal with B.C. First Nations, says minister: CBC
JULY 1: NEWS – Kwakiutl First Nation marches to protect the spirit and intent of Treaty: KWAKIUTL FN
JULY 1: NEWS– Why Supreme Court's Tsilhqot’in decision  may change the world. NW COAST ENERGY NEWS
JULY 1: NEWS – Tsilhqot'in Nation Gives Canada a New Chance to Do It Right: THE TYEE
JULY 1: NEWS – Top Court's Tsilhqot'in First Nation Ruling A Game-Changer For All: CBC
JULY 1: NEWS – Experts analyze First Nation land title rights: POSTMEDIA
JULY 1: NEWS – The claims are just. But the Supreme Court ruling means chaos:  GLOBE AND MAIL
JULY 1: NEWS – Aboriginal court ruling won’t resolve real-world resource issues: GLOBE AND MAIL 
JULY 1: NEWS – Aboriginal title judgment has serious mining implications:  MINEWEB.COM 
JULY 1: NEWS –Tahltan Nation announces intention to launch legal fight to block coal mine: VANCOUVER SUN
JULY 1: NEWS – Tsilhqot'in First Nation ruling means revisiting the James Bay Treaty, says lawyer: CBC 
JULY 1: NEWS A strong message: TBNEWSWATCH.COM
JULY 1: NEWS - Bands re-examine rights following case. VERNON MORNING STAR
JULY 1: NEWS – Share resource revenue with aboriginals, expert advises: STAR PHOENIX

JUNE 30: OPINION – Tsilhqot'in Nation Gives Canada a New Chance to Do It Right: THE TYEE
JUNE 30: NEWS - Top Court's Tsilhqot'in First Nation Ruling A Game-Changer For All: CBC 
JUNE 30: NEWS – Experts analyze First Nation land title rights. GLOBE AND MAIL
JUNE 30: OPINION - The claims are just. But the Supreme Court ruling means chaos: GLOBE AND MAIL 
JUNE 30: OPINION – Aboriginal court ruling won’t resolve real-world resource issues: GLOBE AND MAIL
JUNE 30: NEWS – Aboriginal title judgment has serious mining implications: MINEWEB.COM 
JUNE 30: NEWS – B.C. companies nervous over Supreme Court decision in favour of First Nations: VANCOUVER SUN
JUNE 30: NEWS – Tsilhqot'in First Nation ruling means revisiting the James Bay Treaty: CBC 
JUNE 30: EDITORIAL A strong message: THUNDER BAY
JUNE 30: NEWS - Bands re-examine rights following case:  VERNON MORNING 
JUNE 30: NEWS – Share resource revenue with aboriginals, expert advises: STAR PHOENIX
JUNE 30: NEWS – Canadian wilderness lakes to be mining waste dumping grounds? DIGITALJOURNAL.COM
JUNE 30: NEWS – Yukon/NWT FNs fight Ottawa over environmental assessment changes: CP

JUNE 27: FEATURE – Backstory: Tsilhqot’in Nation v. British Columbia. OTTAWA CITIZEN
JUNE 27: NEWS –  Supreme Court expands land-title rights in unanimous ruling:  GLOBE AND MAIL
JUNE 27: NEWS –  
Supreme Court grants land title to B.C. First Nation in landmark case. TORONTO STAR
JUNE 27: NEWS –  Aboriginal communities’ land claims much more viable, resource development iffier:
JUNE 27: NEWS –  Supreme Court Ruling Grants Land Title To B.C. First Nation:  
JUNE 27: NEWS –   ‘Tears and cheers’ greet historic Supreme Court ruling handing Tsilhqot’in major victory: APTN            JUNE 27:  NR  - Tsilhqot’in decision a major victory for all First Nations people in BC and Canada. COASTAL FIRST NATIONS 
JUNE 27: NEWS –  Historic B.C. First Nation decision could affect Northern Gateway: CTV NATIONAL
JUNE 27: NEWS –  Tsilhqot'in First Nation granted B.C. title claim. Impacts on BC and across the country:
JUNE 27: NEWS –  SCOC ruling lifts hopes of Quebec Aboriginals:
JUNE 27: NEWS –   SCOC title claim decision could apply to large parts of Quebec, expert says:
JUNE 27: NEWS –  Supreme Court ruling could affect Northern land claims: CBC NORTH
JUNE 27: NEWS –  Big boost for fights, leaders say:
JUNE 27: NEWS –  Land claims court ruling reshapes resource sector nationwide. GLOBE AND MAIL
JUNE 27: NEWS –  Aboriginal title ruling could affect oil patch. Supreme Court decision has Albertans thinking:
JUNE 27: NEWS –  Supreme Court ruling will help Sask land claims, Bellegarde says.
JUNE 27: NEWS –  Tsilhqot’in decision will define Canada’s future. NGP faces a new hurdle:”
JUNE 27: NEWS –  Supreme Court just gave B.C. First Nations veto power over Northern Gateway.
JUNE 27: NEWS –  New risks created by native ruling.:  
JUNE 27: NEWS –  Taseko says land claims ruling shows New Prosperity outside aboriginal territory. RESOURCE CLIPS
JUNE 27: NR –   Applauds Supreme Court Decision in Tsilhqot’in Nation v British Columbia:
Indigenous Bar Association 
JUNE 27: NR –  NDP welcomes Supreme Court decision in favour of the Tsilhqot’in and Xeni Gwet’in Nations:
JUNE 27: NR –  Greens welcome landmark Supreme Court of Canada ruling in favour of Tsilhqot’in First Nation: GREENS
JUNE 27: EDITORIAL – Supreme Court offers needed clarity on native land claims:
JUNE 27: EDITORIAL –  Strong Supreme Court ruling on native rights:
JUNE 27: EDITORIAL – A Supreme road map on rights, duty:
JUNE 26: NEWS (WITH VIDEO) – Tsilhqot'in First Nation granted B.C. title claim in Supreme Court ruling: C
JUNE 26: NEWS – Supreme Court hands Tsilhqot’in major victory in historic ruling:
JUNE 26: NEWS– Supreme Court expands land title rights in unanimous ruling. GLOBE AND MAIL
JUNE 25: NEWS  – Top court's decision may put pipeline in peril: POSTMEDIA
Sidebar: Five landmark cases in Canadian jurisprudence on aboriginal rights: 
VANCOUVER SUN                                            JUNE 25: NEWS –  Narrow definition of title grossly inadequate, First Nations say:  VANCOUVER  SUN                                   JUNE 24: NEWS – Supreme Court of Canada ruling could re-shape landscape in B.C: VANCOUVER SUN
JUNE 23: NR – Supreme Court of Canada to deliver judgment in Tsilhqot’in Title Case June 26: THE TSILHQOT’IN NATION

JUNE 25: NEWS –YCS: Expect A Long Legal Fight Over Peel Plan: CKRW RADIO
JUNE 25: –ANALYSIS-  Mining, People, Environment - Law: Duty To Consult:
Norton Rose Fulbright Canada LLP
JUNE 25: NEWS – 19 First Nations across Canada begin development of their own land codes:
WEST COAST NATIVE NEWS                 JUNE 24: NEWS - Seabridge Gold agrees to fund environment-monitoring programmes: MININGWEEKLY.COM –
JUNE 18: NEWS - Five Tsilhqot’in communities sign renewed agreement with BC: WL TRIBUNE
JUNE 17: ANALYSIS – BC case - Duty To Consult -  First Nation’s Economic Interests: OSLER, HOSKIN AND HARCOURT

MAY 29: News - Band seeks Gibraltar mine agreement. WILLIAMS LAKE TRIBUNE
MAY 22 - Opinion: Mining matters to us all – MABC President (No FN mention):
MAY 22: NEWS BC First Nations to profit from Imperial Metals’ Huckleberry expansion: MININGWEEKLY.COM
MAY 13: FEAUTURE - New Prosperity Mine Fight Challenges Federal  EA Powers: DESMOG.CA

APR. 7: NEWS - In latest blow to Pebble prospect, mining giant Rio Tinto is pulling out.  ALASKA DAILY NEWS

MAR. 31: BLOG - Taseko Mines, What part of ‘no’ don’t you understand? WEST COAST ENVIRONMENTAL LAW
MAR. 31: NEWS - Both sides look for mine reasons: PG CITIZEN
MAR. 31: Petition signed by thousands of British Columbians demands repeal of new parks bill: VANCOUVER SUN

MAR. 29: COLUMN - Mine rejection is wakeup call - reform needed. Chiefs Alphonse and William: VANCOUVER SUN
MAR. 28 How Devolution will start at new chapter for the NWT. By Stephen Kakfwi : GLOBE AND MAIL                              MAR. 29: NEWS - The Yukon government has been slapped with another lawsuit by a First Nation: WHITEHORSE STAR
MAR. 29: NE   WS - Constitution puts aboriginal front and centre on resource projects (William case): FINANCIAL POST
MAR. 28: NEWS - Taseko objects to Tsilhqot'in 'war dance':
MAR.27: NEWS - Clark’s mining push meets resistance:
MAR. 27: NEWS - Taseko asks court to quash government block of New Prosperity mine:
MAR. 26: NR - “Enough is Enough” -Response to Judicial Review of Federal Rejection of New Prosperity:
MAR. 26: NEWS - Matawa First Nations and Ontario Sign Ring of Fire Agreement:


MAR. 10: NEWS - Kemess mine back, with underground plan: THE GLOBE AND MAIL
MAR. 10: NEWS - Environmental verdict riles Taseko Mines- legal action threatened:  JOURNAL OF COMMERCE

MAR. 6: NEWS  - - Carrier Sekani hail New Prosperity mine rejection: PRINCE GEORGE FP
MAR.3: NEWS – Stephen Harper rips Taseko’s B.C. mine  proposal: FINANCIAL POST
MAR.3: REPORT – 2013 Survey of Mining Jurisdictions – BC drops to 32 place:
FRASER INSTITUTE                                    FEB. 28: NEWS – BC imposes new fees on mining industry: GLOBE AND MAIL                                                                      FEB.28: NEWS - Two new mines set to enter production in British Columbia this year: MINING WEEKLY 

FEB. 26: FEDERAL DECISION - NEW PROSPERITY MINE REJECTED: Minister’s Press Release ... Decision Statement ... backgrounder                                                                                                                                                                               FEB. 27: NR - First Nations Celebrate Federal Rejection of New Prosperity Mine proposal: TSILHQOT’IN
FEB. 27:NR:  Mine rejection:  FONV    
FEB. 27: NR - Sierra Club BC Welcomes Rejection of New Prosperity Mine:
FEB. 27: NR - Taseko Responds to Government of Canada Decision on New Prosperity Project:  TML                                   FEB. 27: NEWS - Federal government rejects controversial B.C. mine proposal: CTV
FEB. 27: NEWS - Taseko New Prosperity Mine Rejected By Federal Government: CP
FEB. 27: NEWS - Feds reject Taseko's New Prosperity Mine over environmental concern: VANCOUVER SUN
FEB. 27: NEWS - Citing environmental risks, Ottawa kills plan for B.C. gold mine: GLOBE AND MAIL
FEB. 27: NEWS - Back to the drawing board for round three for Taseko Mines, Ltd: CBC   
FEB. 27: NEWS – Canada again blocks Taseko copper-gold mine development:
FEB.27:  NEWS VIDEO - History of Prosperity Mine Project: GLOBAL TV NEWS  
FEB. 27: NEWS - Dick Harris, Tory MP, Blasts Own Government Over B.C. Mine Rejection: CP                                               FEB. 28: NEWS SCRUM: backs mine rejection, supports FNs: CBC  
FEB. 28: NEWS– Taseko brushes off Ottawa’s rejection of B.C. mine. PM stands by decision: GLOBE AND MAIL

FEB.18: NEWS – Endako  effluent affecting aquatic env. in north-central BC: VANCOUVER SUN                                            FEB. 17: NEWS - More at stake than a $1-billion mine - Decision on B.C.’s New Prosperity project will set national tone for Ottawa-aboriginal relations, FNs warn: VANCOUVER SUN 
FEB. 17: COLUMN: TNG Chiefs say facts mean mine must be rejected: HILL TIMES                                                                   FEB. 13: Delegation in Ottawa to oppose mine:  WILLIAMS LAKE TRIBUNE                                                                                   FEB. 12: NEWS - Mine critics make Ottawa trip: PRINCE GEORGE CITIZEN                                 

FEB. 10 : NEWS - B.C. coal export plan faces resistance: GLOBE AND MAIL
FEB. 10: Tax credits for mineral exploration are hefty, but appear to pay off. VANCOUVER SUN
FEB. 8: NEWS - Mine approval too politicized: Cullen. PRINCE GEORGE CITIZEN  
FEB. 8: NEWS–  Chieftain want Tulsequah; Taku FN contests permit:
NORTH OF 60              

 FEB. 3: NR – TRTFN Lawsuit Could Void EA Certificate, Halt Mine RIVERS WITHOUT BORDER  

JAN. 24: NEWS - Bennett pushes for New Prosperity Mine  WILLIAMS LAKE TRIBUNE
JAN. 24: NEWS - Yukon to build first new campground in 30 years: CBC
JAN.23: NEWS – Plan seems like déjà-vu for former commission chair: WHITEHORSE STAR
JAN. 23: NEWS – Taku River Tlingit sues over Tulsequah Chief Mine project: CP
JAN. 22: NEWS - Plan for the Peel watershed under threat of FN legal action: YUKON NEWS
JAN. 22:  NEWS - Blueprint protects 29 per cent of Peel planning region: WHITEHORSE STAR
JAN. 22:  NEWS - ‘This might be the day when they lost the next election’: WHITEHORSE STAR

JAN. 14: NEWS - B.C. mines minister in Ottawa re  New Prosperity mine:  VANCOUVER SUN
JAN. 14. NEWS: Feds keep media reins on mining school: IPOLITICS                                              
JAN.10: Federal government dismissed  2,000+ scientists in past 5 years: CBC NEWS

JAN. 6: NEWS Mining in B.C. strong, but facing labour, indigenous issues: MINING.COM     JAN. 4. NEWS -  A tale of two (would-be) mines: VANCOUVER SUN 

OCT. 1 - Fish Lake CEAA Panel Report on New Prosperity: Report; Summary; Highlights; SCBC Letter campaign

DEC 17: OP-ED Chief Alphonse - Ottawa must reject Prosperity Mine: VIC. TIMES COLONIST 

DEC. 14: NEWS - TNG seeks equal face-time to lobby feds on New Prosperity. VAN. SUN 
DEC. 14: NEWS – Mine policy has awkward moments:
DEC. 13: NEWS - Protesters gather in Vancouver to oppose New Prosperity:
DEC 12:  NEWS - New Prosperity Mine Approval Could Trigger Lawsuit: First Nations:
DEC.11: NEWS – B.C. mines minister to lobby for New Prosperity :
VANCOUVER SUN   DEC.11: NEWS – B.C. mines minister to lobby for New Prosperity project: VANCOUVER SUN
DEC.10: NEWS – B.C. ordered to reconsider Morrison Lake mine rejection: VANCOUVER SUN

DEC.4: NEWS - Miner legal move may backfire: experts: PRINCE GEORGE CITIZEN                   DEC. 3: NEWS RELEASE - First Nation criticize attempts to undermine panel report: TNG    DEC. 3:  NEWS - Taseko Seeks Judicial Review of Critical Assessment: CP  

NOV. 22: NEWS - First Nation fires back at report criticism: PRINCE GEORGE  CITIZEN  NOV. 21: LETTER - TNG submission to Canadian Environmental  Assessment Agency: TNG
NOV. 21: NEWS - Cliffs suspends Ring of Fire chromite project in northern Ontario: CP
NOV. 21: First Nations active in health of mining industry:
NOV. 20: OP-ED - Chief William: New Prosperity project cannot be saved:
VANCOUVER SUN  NOV. 19:  ACTION ALERT - Protect Teztan Biny (Fish Lake): COUNCIL OF CANADIANS     
NOV. 19. NEWS– Mining needs women, aboriginals, immigrants – MAC chair:  TOR STAR
NOV. 18: NEWS  – Canada's Climate Policy Worst In Developed World: Report: CP

NOV. 11: NEWS -  Ring of Fire development needs 'balance', B.C. Tahltan leader says: CBC


NOV. 8: NEWS -  First Nation takes Title fight to supreme court. : KAMLOOPS NEWS
NOV. 7: NEWS - Aboriginal Title For Xeni Gwet'in On Trial At Supreme Court: CP                   NOV. 6: NEWS - Tsilhqot'in gear up for historical Supreme Court hearing:  APTN  
NOV. 6  NR - AFN National Chief Atleo – all First Nations stand with Tsilqot’in:
NOV. 5: NEWS - Major B.C. land claim case before Supreme Court of Canada:
SUN            NOV. 5: NEWS - Tsilhqot'in land-claims  heads to Supreme Court: GLOBE AND MAIL      NOV. 5: NEWS - Nation Chief Atleo greets Tsilhqot'in in Ottawa: NEWSLEDGER                    NOV. 4: NEWS - Tsilhqot'in  Title case back by Saskatchewan chief: REGINA LEADER POST


NOV. 12: NR – Engo vindicated by CEAA review panel report: WILDERNESS COMMITTEE
NOV. 8: NEWS - FN, environmental group dismiss TMLs 'mistake' claim:  
NOV. 7: NEWS– Mining company rejects government study: SUN MEDIA                           NOV. 7: NEWS - First Nation wants firm answer from Supreme Court on land: iPOLITICS 
NOV. 4: NEWS - Ottawa in a Box over New Prosperity mine bid:
GLOBE AND MAIL              NOV. 1: NEWS - CEAA Panel Review  "New Prosperity" report victory for First Nations: CBC  NOV. 1:  NR - EA Report worse that 2010 version  - New Prosperity must be rejected.: TNG   NOV. 1:  NR- Taesko Strikes out again: UBCIC                                                                                NOV. 1: NR - Taseko fails on all counts - again: MININGWATCH                                                  NOV. 1: NR - Taseko Mine proposal even worse second time around: SIERRA CLUB BC    OCT. 11: NEWS -  Aglukkaq has final say on controversial Fish Lake mine: GLOBE AND MAIL
OCT. 10: NEWS - First Nations meet US Envoy re controversial Mine: VANCOUVER SUN        OCT. 8: NR - Harper must choose science over mine lobbying: TSILHQOT'IN NATION         OCT. 4: NEWS -  Feds' choice: 'collaboration or collision': CANADIAN PRESS                         OCT. 4: COLUMN – Premier Wall writes off First Nations: SASK. STAR-PHOENIX
OCT. 4: NEWS - Aboriginal Land Claims Prevent Mining Investment: CANADIAN PRESS
OCT. 3: LAW– BC Court Of Appeal -  FN Consulted on Mine Expansion: FASKEN MARTINEAU  

SEPT 25: NEWS - Coal miner withdraws from Tahlan lands, for now: CP ... TAHLTAN NR   SEP 24: NEWS - Ross River Dena SCoC decision - impact on country: MINING.COM

SEPT. 20: NEWS - B.C. municipalities call for modernization of mining rules: BiV                SEPT. 20: NEWS -Tahltan unhappy with Klappan mediator: TERRACESTANDARD           SEPT. 20: NRs - Tahltan Elders taunt coal mining firm to arrest them: TAHLTAN ... UBCIC SEPT. 20: COLUMN - Now we have clear direction from the courts: WHITEHORSE STAR   SEPT. 19: NEWS - Yukon Gov't to consult FNs on mining claims: CBC                                        SEPT. 19: NEWS - BC Municipalities call for mining tenure/free entry reform: WCEL         SEPT. 19: NEWS - SCoC refuses YG leave to appeal Yukon mining case.: NATIONAL POST  SEPT. 18: NEWS - Anglo American gives $2.5M to protect BC caribou: CDN MINING JRNL  SEPT. 17: NEWS - Anglo American quits Pebble Mine project. REUTERS

SEPT. 7: BACKGROUNDER - Government experts raise red flags: VANCOUVER SUN   SEPT. 6:  COLUMN: Fish Lake: What larger agendas are we talking about here? RABBLE.CA

AUG. 20: NEWS - First Nation issues with Gibraltar mines:  Williams Lake Tribune               AUG. 19: NR - Top  Lake Ecologist Says Fish Lake Will be Dead in 10 years; TNG
AUG. 19: BACKCGOUND:  Panel review -  Links to government expert testimony: FONV        
AUG. 19: NR - Yunestit'in  First Nation Gathering: YUNESTIT'IN  

AUG. 9: NEWS - Panel hears of hardship if mine OK'd: PRINCE GEORGE CITIZEN                   AUG. 9: BLOG - B.C. Chiefs to stand against New Prosperity Mine: VANCOUVER SUN          AUG. 8: NEWS -TML opposes First Nations' confidentiality request for ancestral graves: CP: 
AUG. 7  NEWS -
First Nation seeks own hearing on New Prosperity mineCP                     AUG. 2: LETTER - Environment trumps economy in Prosperity review: VANCOUVER SUN: 
AUG. 2: NEWS - Enviros says science may not be enough to stop mine:
PG CITIZEN             
AUG. 1 - NR - Federal and Provincial Departments Refute laims Mine is Sound.

JULY 26: NEWS - Hundreds of struggling junior miners face delisting in crisis:  REUTERS 
JULY 26: NEWS -  Lower prices cut into Teck Resources’ (TCK.B) profits in Q2:
JULY 26: NEWS - The pain of the plunge: Moody's new world for gold: GLOBE AND MAIL
JULY 26: NEWS - Plunging prices take shine off gold mining profits:
JULY 26: NEWS - Bankers feel pain from industry slowdown: VANCOUVER SUN
JULY 25: NEWS - "SAVING SACRED FISH LAKE": Global TV BC                                                            JULY 24: NEWS -  Taseko mine approval would be ‘environmental racism’: PG CITIZEN    JULY 24: EDITORIAL -  Prosperity's temerity: NORTHERN MINER                                               JULY 23:  NEWS - Hearings begin into proposed billion-dollar open pit mine: GLOBAL TV  JULY 23:  NEWS - Taseko should expect local opposition a  mine hearings: MINING WEEKLY   JULY 22:  NEWS - New Prosperity CEAA Review Panel - hearings begin:  CBC NEWS         JULY 22:  NR  - 10 reasons why mine must be rejected: TSILHQOT'IN NATION

July 11: NEWS - Yukon SC Judge nixes mine nod - FN not consulted: WHITEHORSE STAR approval July 10: Invitation: TNG rally as July 22 CEAA panel hearings begin:  TSILHQOT'IN

JULY 8: NEWS - Debate flares up over Northern Ontario's Ring of Fire: GLOBE AND MAIL       JULY 5: NEWS - RoF - Better government policy would eliminate need for negotiators: CBC   JULY 4: NEWS - Nishnawbe-Aski Nation wants in on Ring of Fire talks. CBC                         JULY 4: NEWS - First Nations declare territory is 'frack free': CBC                                           JULY 4: NEWS - Land dispute causes development ban in southern Nunavut: CBC                

JUNE 27: NR - FN Leaders back TNG fight to save Teztan Biny (Fish Lake): TNG                         JUNE 27: NEWS - FNs would not benefit from Ring of Fire billions - memo: CBC                          Read Full AAND memo on Ring of Fire and  First Nations benefits : MEMO

JUNE 20: NR - Tsilhqot'in concerned proponents still refusing to provide information: TNG     JUNE 20:  ANNOUNCEMENT - CEAA announces Fish Lake hearings start July 22: CEAA             JUNE 19: NEWS - Former Interim Liberal Leader Rae to focus “Ring of Fire” negs: APTN

JUNE 12: NEWS - Harper announces new mining, energy transparency rules: CP              JUNE 12: NEWS - Cliffs suspends Ontario Ring of Fire chromite ops: GLOBE AND MAIL    JUNE 12: STATS - Coal mining in BC, by the numbers: GLOBAL TV NEWS                              JUNE 11: NEWS - Tahltan protest fast-tracked coal mine EA process: VANCOUVER SUN         JUNE 11: REPORT: BC excessive tax credits promote bad mining: BUSINESS IN VANCOUVER

JUNE 6: NEWS - Yukon prospecting bill - free entry not addressed: YUKON NEWS               JUNE 6: REPORT - Global mining confidence cricis  as profits plunge: MINING WEEKLY    JUNE 3: REPORT - Only 9% of BC miners are bullish  for year ahead: BAYSTREET

MAY 22: REPORT - Sacred Headquarters on Canadian biodiversity hotspots list: BSI-DU            MAY 21: NR - AFN seeks intervener status in Tsilhqot'in SCOC title case: AFN

MAY 16: INTERVIEW - Grand Chief Phillip - election result bodes confrontation: RABBLE.CA MAY 16: NR - Prospectors group looks forward working with new Clark Gov't: AME BC              MAY 16: NEWS - Lib victory relieves miners, but what can they expect? BAYSTREET          MAY 15: NEWS -Mining seeks survival, venture capital squeeze: VANCOUVER SUN                   MAY 15: BC election result relieves miners' fears. RESOURCECLIPS.COM                                 MAY 13: COLUMN – 10 environmental actions for new BC gov’t: GLOBE AND MAIL 

MAY 1: NEWS - Aboriginal leaders urge voter engagement in B.C. election: GLOBE AND MAIL  MAY 1: NEWS - First Nation threatens mine shutdown over lack of jobs: GLOBE AND MAIL
MAY 1: NEWS - Government data- -mining and freshwater pollution: EARTHWORKS                APR 30: NEWS -  B.C. mining officials optimistic despite looming election: STOCKHOUSE

APR. 19: POSTING - Green Party response to Indstry “votemining survey: BC GREEN PARTY
APR. 19: NEWS  - debate over BC EA process and reform:
APR. 19. OPINION: MABC president says industry wants to do better: VANCOUVER SUN            APR. 19. NEWS – Red Chris should be underground mine. GLOBE AND MAIL                          APR. 18: FEATURE - Mining, FN relations - what works, what doesn't: VANCOUVER SUN             APR. 12: COLUMN - Tofino mayor calls for BC mining reform; VICTORIA T COLONIST

MAR. 29: CEAA Asks TML for more enviro info - third time sent back: CANADIAN PRESS           MAR. 28: LETTER - TML Enviro Impact Statement rejected - again: CEAA                             MAR. 25.EVENT  Fish Lake Youth Rally – Wednesday  in Williams Lake DETAILS:

MAR. 20: NEWS - Natives say they will do what it takes to stop oil sands pipelines: CP               MAR 20:  NR - Can-US first National alliance against pipelines: ALLIANCE NR                               MAR. 20: NEWS - BC Fasttracks $1B mine over Niisga objections: CANADIAN PRESS          MAR.19:  NEWS - Victoria, Ottawa ink single environmental review agreement. BiV                   MAR. 18: NEWS - Tailing Pond regs draw wave of protest: RESOURCE INVEST. NEWS         
MAR. 17: FEATURE – Aboriginal movement poses new threat to miners:
MAR. 17: NEWS – B.C. to take over merged environmental review: 
MAR. 17: NEWS - New Prosperity community Hearing:
GLOBAL TV                                      

MAR.6 NEWS – New Prosperity review panel to look at broad issues: CANADIAN PRESS          MAR. 5: NR - Quebec polls -little support for mining industry:  CDN. BOREAL INITIATIVE             MAR. 5: NEWS - Canada’s Quebec turning hostile to mining: MINING.COM                  
MAR. 5 NEWS:  Uranium Poll divides Quebecers: MONTREAL GAZETTE
MAR. 5. NEWS – Reform mining – Quebec poll: LA PRESSE                                                MAR. 5. NEWS – Federal review panel unsure of its role in stalled B.C. mine: CP

MAR. 1: NEWS - Taseko Mines new EIS Info: CANADIAN PRESS
MAR. 1. NOTICE: Taseko Mines new EIS info - 15 days for responses: CEAA WEBSITE
FEB. 28: REPORT – 2012-13  Global mining exec survey: FRASER INSTITUTE
FEB. 28: NEWS –  BC mineral potential down, concerns re FN issues: PETROLEUM NEWS
FEB. 27: NEWS -Taseko reports net loss of $15.7 million for 2012:
FEB. 27: Thompson Creek posts $484.4-million loss on Endako mine charge: CP 

FEB. 19. NR – Franco Nevada Chairman’s comments raise mining concerns: TSILHQOT”IN
FEB. 16. NEWS – Why Cdn mining giants are losing big on copper:  GLOBE AND MAIL     
FEB. 15: NEWS -  Barrick Gold suffers $3.2 billion loss on copper: GLOBE AND MAIL

FEB.13:  NEWS - Mining companies cut  as  profits plunge: REUTERS                             
FEB.13:  NEWS - Lack of oversight northern mines (free log-in)
NORTHERN JOURNAL:         FEB. 12: NEWS - Chinese could shift oil money to forestry, mining: CANADIAN PRESS         FEB. 12: NEWS - Chinese demand drives jade rush in B.C.: BUSINESS IN VANCOUVER 
FEB.    9: NR - New Prosperity would cost taxpayers millions in road costs - study: FONV

JAN. 31:  COLUMN - Outdated mining rules trump privacy in BC: VIC TIMES COLONIST
JAN. 31: NR - Engos call for BC mining tenure and other reforms:
JAN. 30: COLUMN - Update B.C. mining law to bring into this century:
VANCOUVER SUN         JAN. 29: COLUMN - Chief Sellars, Grand Chief Phillip - mining: VIC.TIMES COLONIST         JAN. 28: EDITORIAL - North Mining, need to act to hit potential: CDN MINING JOURNAL            JAN. 28: NEWS -  BC Premier ignores FN issues in mining promo: CP - HUFFINGTON POST

JAN. 25: NEWS - Supreme Court  to hear Tsilhqot’in Title case: VANCOUVER SUN
JAN. 25: NEWS -  BC First Nation takes Title fight to Supreme Court:
CANADIAN PRESS              JAN. 24: NR - Supreme Court to hear precendent setting Title case.: TSILHQOT'IN NR                JAN. 21: COLUMM -  FNWARM Chief Sellars on BC mining reform and staking: HILL TIMES  JAN.18: NEWS – Dena court ruling on free entry, impact mining in Canada: MINING.COM
JAN. 18:  WCEL on RRDC ruling in Yukon – impact on BC/Canada: WHITEHORSESTAR
JAN:  VARIOUS LEGAL AND RESEARCH ANALYSES - RRDC Mine claim decision:           
McCarthy-Tetrault  ...  Blakes ...  IRIS ...  BHT

JAN. 14 . NEWS RELEASE -  Kaska court ruling huge wake-up call for BC: FNEMC                JAN 11. NEWS - Claim staking problem for BC - where's the gov't? GLOBE AND MAIL      
JAN. 7.  NEWS - Dave Porter, CEO FNEMC, on Kaska ruling, precendents:
BNN INTERVIEW        JAN. 4.  NEWS - Ontario Ring of Fire potential for First Nations: MINING WEEKLY
JAN. 2.  NEWS - BC EA Process raises questions:


DEC. 29: NEWS: Environmental audit - turf war with BC mines ministry: POST MEDIA     
DEC. 28: NEWS: Ramifications of RRDC free-entry mining victory:
DEC.27: COURT DECISION: NWT Court sides with Ross Rive Dena on free entry:
DEC. 26: NEWS: Mining concerns over PBM mine rejection:

DEC. 18: NEWS: Taseko Mines owes $400,000 from failed 2010 bid: VANCOUVER SUN

DEC. 13: NEWS: Taeko Mines weathers multiple storms: MINING.COM                                  DEC. 12: NR - Taskeo Mines should admit Prospertiy Mine won't work: TSILHQOT'IN NG            DEC. 10:: Taseko Mines  EIS sent back yet again: CEAA REVIEW PANEL LETTER

DEC. 5: NEWS - Interview with Fish Lake Alliance's Jenny Noble: CBC Daybreak South             DEC.5: NEWS - Folly of not working with First Nations - John Ivison:  NATIONAL POST            NOV.30: NEWS -  TML's environmental material insuffient: WILLIAMS LAKE TRIBUNE

NOV. 29: NEWS - “Major Deficiency” found in TML’s enviro docs: VANCOUVER SUN           NOV. 29: NEWS – 100 Mile House - The flip side of the Fish Lake plan: 100 MILE HOUSE             NOV. 28: VIDEO - The Tsilhqot'in's fight for Fish Lake: W. COAST ENVIRONMENTAL LAW            NOV. 22: NR – FNWARM stands by Kaska in Title and rights battle: FNWARM RELEASE               NOV. 21: NEWS – Kaska threaten to blockade North Canol: YUKON NEWS                           NOV. 21: NEWS – Kaska threatening to shutter mining exploration:  CBC NEWS                          NOV. 20: NEWS - Angry Kaska raise spectre of roadblocks: WHITEHORSE STAR

NOV. 14: NEWS – Alaska and BC battle over Tuslequah Chief mine: THE TYEE                        NOV. 12: NEWS - Good,  bad,ugly of Ontario's new Mining Act: CDN MINING JOURNAL           NOV. 1:   NEWS - Gold mine rejection a blow to investors:  GLOBE AND MAIL                             OCT. 30: NEWS: Council of Canadians honours TNG's Chief Bapitste:  .W.L  ...  APTN              OCT.29: NEWS : Aborignal land care tips from Down Under:  GLOBE AND MAIL

OCT.16: NEWS: Treaty settlement crucial for resources development: GLOBE AND MAIL      OCT.10: NEWS - Terry Lake calls EAO ideas "way outside box': VIC. TIMESCOLONIST
OCT, 8:  NEWS - Prosperity Mine plan opposed, hearing looms:
JOURNAL OF COMMERCE        OCT. 5  LETTER: Chief Alphonse respondse to Hallbauer/Battison columns: VAN. SUN


OCT.4: NR -  Mine rejection welcomed, but serious questions remain: FNWARM  RELEASE        OCT. 2: NR – Tsilhquot’in Chiefs united in opposing mine: WILLIAMS LAKE TODAY                   OCT.1: NR - Lake Babine Nation welcomes BC rejection of Morrison Mine plan: LBFN              OCT.1: STORY - BC rejects Pacific Booker's Morrison Lake open pit mine: CP/CBC                  OCT.1  STORY - Pacific Booker’s Morrison Lake mine bid: MINING.COM            

SEPT. 14: NEWS - Ramsey Hart explains TML investor alert:  CBC DAYBREAK NORTH               SEPT. 13: NR - MiningWatch- investment issues with Prosperity Bid: INVESTOR ALERT            SEPT. 12: STUDY - Prof. Kuyek on Prosperity Mine economics: CEAA PANEL SITE                     SEPT. 12: NR -  FNWARM signs UNDRIP 5th anniversary statement:  JOINT NR 

JULY 17:  NEWS - TML environment draft missing key data: JOURNAL OF COMMERCE               JULY 17: DOCUMENT - CEAA damning critism of TML statement. LINK TO CEAA LETTER           JULY 17: NR -  Tsilhqot'in reponds to shoddy TML Enviro imact statement:  TNG NR                     JULY 17: NEWS - CEAA slams TML draft EIS, misleading statements: VANCOUVER SUN           JULY 17: NEWS - Taseko mines for misleading information: VIC. TIMES COLONIST

JUNE 27: BC Appeal Court ruling in William (Tsilhqot’in) case: TNG NEWS RELEASE                    JUNE 27: Assembly of First Nations supports TNG, further appeal: AFN NEWS RELEASE            JUNE 28: NEWS - Aboriginal land rights upheld by B.C. Court of Appeal: GLOBE AND MAIL    JUNE 28: NEWS - Decison on Land rights could lead to SCOC: VANCOUVER PROVINCE

JUNE 7: NEWS - Tsilhqot’in Vow to ‘Stand Ground’  at Taseko AGM:  INDIAN COUNTRY
JUNE 7: NEWS - Taseko Mines secretly sponsored Krause speech:
METRO NEWS                    JUNE 6: NEWS - John Ibbitson on the issues re Prosperity Mine: GLOBE AND MAIL                    JUNE 5: NEWS - Tsilhqotin will not surrender to mine project: APTN NATIONAL                           JUNE 5: NEWS - Shout out against mining injustice: THE TYEE

JUNE 2: Vancouver Sun protest targets Taskeo Mijnes AGM: VANCOUVER SUN                          JUNE 1:NEWS - Latin American leaders join Taskeo Mines protest today: VANCOUVER SUN:   JUNE 1: NEWS -  Mount Milligan project weighs on Thompson Creek: GLOBE and MAIL              MAY 29: NEWS Cummins holds old-world view on aboriginals: Clark:  CTV-BC NEWS

MAY 24: First Nations leaders seek meeting with the Queen: NEWS REPORT                                 MAY 21: REPORT - EPA Pebble Mine, threat to fish:  REPORT SUMMARY... NEWS ARTICLE

MAY 18: TNG Letter re Taseko Mines Economic Impact statement: LETTER TO CEAA                   MAY 14: COLUMN - BC NDP position re First Nations and mining in BC:  VANCOUVER SUN           MAY 12: NEWS - Taseko Mines adds to law suit against WCWC:  STOCKWATCH

MAY 9: NEWS - Kent announces Prsperity CEAA panel and terms: VANCOUVER SUN                  MAY 9: NR - CEAA PANEL AND TERMS FOR PROSPERITY MINE: GOVERNMENT OF CANADA        MAY 8. REPORT: Government not on track for climate change measures, polluted site clean ups:   ENVIRONMENT COMMISSIONER REPORT  ...   CTV on Climate change findings ...    POST MEDIA report on polluted site findings 
MAY 8: NEWS - Tories refuse to carve EA changes from omnibus bill: NATIONAL POST          MAY 8: NEWS - Opposed to the budget bill? You're opposed to jobs: GLOBAL  TV 

MAY 4: NEWS -  Taseko doesn’t have a prayer of getting its way:  TORONTO SUN                          MAY 4: NEWS -  User guide to feds planned EA streamling: i-POLITICS                                             MAY 4: NEWS -  Puzzling changes to Fisheries Act alarms critics:  CTV
MAY 3: NR - Critics denounce Taseko attempts to ban FN prayer: FEDERAL LIBERAL PARTY
MAY 3: NEWS - BC's legislation for major projects and First Nations: GLOBE AND  MAIL             MAY 1: NEWS - Taseko Mines calls FN prayers "inappropriate: APTN NATIONAL NEWS              MAY 1: NEWS – National Chief Shawn Atleo calls TML letter outrageous:  NATIONAL POST
May 1 : NEWS - Callers slam Taseko mines on prayer/spirituality issue: 
BC ALMANAC CBC      MAY 1: NEWS RELEASE - First Nations react to TML anti-prayer letter: TSILHQOT'IN/ UBCIC  
MAY 1: NEWS RELEASE - Information on Chietain's mine bid: 
MAY 1: LETTER - Oppositon about life – not money. Chief Baptiste:
WILLIAMS LAKE TRIBUNE    MAY 1: LETTER - This is what TML said about prayer to Minister Kent: RUSSELL HALLBAUER  APR. 30:  NEWS - TML wants FN prayers, spirituality out of Fish Lake hearings:  POST MEDIA  APR. 30: NEWS - Ban prayer, spituality, children, says Taseko Mines: GLOBE AND MAIL

APR. 27: NEWS - Chief Baptise on proposed EA reforms: GLOBE AND MAIL                                   APR. 25.  NEWS: AFN National Chief Atleo slams Federal EA reform plans: APTN                  APR. 24:  LETTER: Mine weould go for 33 year and kill Fish Lake: WILLIAMS LAKE TRIBUNE

APR. 21: NEWS -  Joint BC BDP caucus cites Fish Lake as EA concern: OPINION 250 RADIO
APR. 20: NR – Fish Lake highlights concerns re fed EA reforms:
BC FED/PROV NDP CAUCUS   APR. 19: NEWS -  TNG positive meeting with Minister Duncan: WILLIAMS LAKE TRIBUNE
APR. 19: NEWS - Tsilhqot'in PR battle with Taseko Mines:
APR. 19: NEWS - Plan would open BC Interior protected areas to logging: GLOBE AND MAIL
APR. 19: NR - Open letter to Joe Oliver re ERA reforms:
BC First Nations Leadership Council 
APR. 19: NR - Changes to EA process will lead to confrontationn:
Nishnawbe Aski Nation
APR. 18: WEB PAGE - EA reform - Fish Lake cautionary tale: SIERRA CLUB of BC                         APR. 18: NEWS - EA changes divide west and east - Fish Lake example:  GLOBE & MAIL           APR. 17: NEWS - EA streamlining - Fish Lake a cautionary tale: TORONTO STAR                          APR. 17: NEWS - Suzuki and Oliver - the Fish Lake example - story and video links:  CBC          APR. 15: NR - TML's PR campaign wrong - Fish lake would not be saved: TSILHQOT'IN              APR. 15: NEWS - Tsilhqot'in - TML campaign won't save Fish Lake: STOCKHOUSE

APR. 4: TNG Chiefs visit ottawa for meetings on new Prosperity CEAA: WILLIAMS LAKE TRIB  APR. 3: NEWS - Grizzly deaths increase, habitats threatened: VANCOUVER SUN

MAR. 31: NEWS: GC Phillip warn of battles if EA process weakend: CTV QUESTION PERIOD PRINT STORY ... VIDEO                                                                                                                                          MAR.29: NEWS. Ecojustice on BC EA process issues and fed budget impacts: BNN TV              MAR. 27: NEWS - CWWC defence calls TML lawsuit "abuse of process"  STOCKWATCH

MAR.23: FEATURE - mining: Allan Casey - Lake Killing Made Easy: THE TYEE                                 MAR, 22: NR - Defence against Taseko Mines' libel chill lawsuit: WILDERNESS COMMITTEE     MAR. 21: Column - Re-post - Chief Baptiste's rebuttal of funding attack: RAVENTRUST               MAR. 20: CAMPAIGN – Fisheries Act changes threaten BC Salmon: WCEL PAGE                          MAR. 20: NR:  Suzuki Foundation responds to Senate attacks:  LETTER TO MEMBERS               MAR. 12: NEWS - Taseko Mines libel suit and Engo/TNG reaction: JOURNAL OF COMMERCE

MAR. 9: NEWS - Interview with Chief Baptiste re  Geneva UN trip: WILLIAMS LAKE TRIBUNE     MAR. 7: NEWS - TNG slams TM Llibel suit vs. environment group: BUSINESS IN VANCOUVER    MAR. 6: NEWS - KI and TNG mining battles - a tale of two provinces:  APTN                                   MAR. 5: NR - Taseko Mines libel chill attempt won't silence us : TSILHQOT'IN GOVERNMENT    MAR. 4: NEWS - TNG stands firm in opposition to Prosperity Miine: EPOCH TIMES                       MAR. 2: NEWS - Taseko Mines sues mine critics for libel: CANADIAN PRESS                        

FEB. 29:  NR - TNG allows limited testing, but remains opposed to mine: TNG NEWS RELEASE    FEB. 28:  REPORT: BC in global report -mining water pollution: EARTHWORKS/MINING WATCH  FEB. 24: SUPPORT  - Sierra Club BC's Fish Lake  update to members: SCBC LETTER                  FEB. 23:  NR - TNG Chief Baptiste at UN Human rights Geneva meeting: TNG NEWS RELEASE 

FEB. 15: Chief Alphonse on why Prosperity Mine must be rejected: 100 MILE HOUSE                   FEB. 6: REPORTS - UN Human Rights 80th session - racial discrimination - Canada - aboriginal rights:  FWARM SUBMISSION  To see all submissions SESSION WEBSITE

FEB 1.  NEWS - Peter Kent's  on climate change/opposition to projects: NATIONAL POST           FEB. I:  NEWS -  CEAA calls for public comments on  documents: 100 MILE HOUSE                      JAN. 31: ORGANIZATIONS:  Groups' concerns re government plans to change regulatory process - public alerts from:  MINING WATCH .... WEST COAST ENVIRONMENTAL LAW  .... COUNCIL OF CANADIANS.                                                                                                                    

JAN. 26:  NEWS RELEASE - Kaska-BC resource management plan welcomed: FNWARM           JAN. 24: NEWS - CEAA announcement and reaction re documents: VANCOUVER SUN                JAN. 23: PUBLIC INFO - Prosperity docs released for public comment: CEAA NEWS RELEASE

JAN. 20: NEWS:  FN rights the issues for pipeline/mining - TNG case:  MACLEAN'S                       JAN: 20: NEWS: PM Harper may duck out early from Jan. 24 summit: APTN                                   JAN. 20: NEWS: Chiefs want full sumnmit with all First Ministers: GLOBE AND MAIL                    JAN. 19: NEWS: Former PM top advisor says FN rights should be extinguished:  CBC               

JAN. 13: NEWS - Blockade dismantled, road reopened, meetings:  JOURNAL OF COMMERCE    JAN. 13: NEWS - Report on Fort St. James blockade: CBC NEWS                                                       JAN. 12: NEWS RELEASE - statement re Mt. Millgan blockade: NAK'AZDLI BAND COUNCIL          JAN. 12: TNG's Tsi Del Del Chief Guichon defeats pro mine challenger: WILLIAMS LAKE TRIB   JAN. 11: BC First Nations Leadership Council on pipeline/miining issues:  ROSSLAND T'RAPH

JAN. 4: NEWS - Top ten issues facing FNs in 2012 - INDIAN COUNTRY                                              JAN. 3: LETTERS -  citicising Prosperity editorial: Williams Lake Trib  ...  WLT2                              JAN. 3: BLOG - Rick Smith rebuts funding critics: ENVIRONMENTAL DEFENCE  CANADA  

DEC. 31: NEWS - TML and mine rebid ingored in business year ender: VANCOUVER SUN   DEC. 31: OPINION -  Rafe Mair on year ahead for resource battles: PACIFIC FREE PRESS      DEC. 22: LETTER - Documents show TML criticisms are founded: WILLIAMS LAKE TRIBUNE    DEC 16: LETTER - Mining regulatory delays are companies' own fault: VANCOUVER SUN        DEC. 13: NEWS - Report on TNG public forum on mine proposal:  WILLIAMS LAKE TRIBUNE

DEC. 9: VIDEO - The Amazay Lake - Kemess North story:  STORY and VIDEO                         DEC. 8: VIDEO - Tsilhqot'in elders speak about saving thier lands: VIMEO                               DEC. 7: Esketemc Nation Supports Injunction Against Taseko Mines: NEWS RELEASE          DEC. 6: NEWS: TML shares drop, investors question tactics after injunctuion: STOCKWATCH  DEC. 6: Wet'suwet'en Nation support Tsilhqot'in: NEWS RELEASE                                               DEC. 6: NEWS:  Business story on Inunction win: BUISINESS IN VANCOUVER                         DEC. 6: LETTER:  New plan will not save Fish Lake: VANCOUVER SUN                                       DEC. 6: BLOG - Injunction victory a smart move: WEST COAST ENVIRONMENTAL LAW       DEC. 5: NEWS - TNG says province /company should drop project: JOURNAL OF COMMERCE DEC. 2. COURT DECISION - TSILHQOT'IN WIN INJUNCTION AGAINST TASEKO MINES LTD:  TNG RELEASE ... VANCOUVER SUN C,1STORY  ... CP STORY ... VANCOUVER OBSERVER STORY ... STOCKWATCH STORY

NOV. 30: NEWS - Report on the TNG injunction case and related issues: APTN TV REPORT      NOV. 30: NEWS - Detailed account of TNG injunction arguments :  STOCKWATCH                NOV. 30: NEWS - History of gold and Tsilhqot'in explain FN case: JOURNAL OF COMMERCE   NOV. 29: NEWS- Profile: Chief Baptiste - new generation of leader: VANCOUVER SUN               NOV. 29: NEWS:  Tsilhqot'in seeks injunction up over mine proposal: GLOBE AND MAIL           NOV. 28. NEWS - Today's injunction hearings, with photos: WELCOME TO WILLIAMS LAKE  NOV. 28. Photos and coverage of rally for TNG outside court:  VANCOUVER MEDIA CO-OP  NOV. 28:  NEWS - Early coverage of "duelling injunction hearings:  CANADIAN PRESS             NOV. 38: VIDEO -  Speeches at rally outside court before injunction hearings: THE CANADIAN

NOV. 25: Tsilhqot'in in court with TML Monday to protect lands: TNG NEWS RELEASE        NOV. 24:  NEWS: Feature on mining reforms, accountability in BC: GEORGIA STRAIGHT             NOV. 22: Chief Percy Guichon emphasises Tsi Del Del opposition to mine: WL TRIBUNE          NOV 22:  Citizen speaks out against call for fast track mining: CALEDONIA COURIER         NOV.22:  NEWS - Coverage of pro Tsilhqot'in courtstep rally: VANCOUVER MEDIA CO-OP NOV. 21: NEWS - Battle over gold and copper mine heats up: JOURNAL OF COMMERCE    NOV: 21:  ANALYSIS - mining, environment, jobs: WEST COAST ENVIRONMENTAL LAW      NOV. 17: BLOG - Why governments should avoid creating conflict: CASTLEGAR.SOURCE

NOV. 16: Poll shows BC public want Mining Act reformed: SIERRA CLUB BC - NR and POLL    NOV. 16: NEWS - CBC TV Vancouver - mining poll story and comments:  CBC BC NEWSHOUR  NOV. 20: NEWS - British Columbians want mining reform - poll: BUSINESS IN VANCOUVER

NOV. 15: TNG seek injunction to stop  exploration work: NEWS RELEASE   ...  FILED DOC         NOV. 15: NEWS - TNG continues age old bsattle to protect lands:  APTN PRINT NEWS                NOV. 15: NEWS - TNG lawyer explains court challenges: APTN NATIONAL NEWS                 NOV. 15: NEWS - Legal clash builds over Prosperity Mine:  FIRST PERSPECTIVE                  NOV. 15: MLA Bob Simpson questions government approach to TNG:  NEWS RELEASE         NOV. 15: NEWS - TNG go to court to protect lands: WILLIAMS LAKE TRIBUNE                         NOV. 15: NEWS -  Industry, government ignor First Nations rights. Letter: WL TRIBUNE             NOV. 15: BLOG -  Legal battles heats up as TNG protects  lands:  COUNCIL OF CANADIANS NOV. 14: NEWS - Taseko seeks injunction against TNG: GLOBE AND MAIL                                  

NOV. 14: NEWS - BC seek to exepmt lower risk projects from peritting: VANCOUVER SUN NOV. 12: NEWS - Uncertainty facing mining industry in BC - the issues: VANCOUVER SUN NOV. 11. TNG launches Judicial Review apilcation against TML permits: NEWS RELEASE ...  FILED APPLICATION ... CHIEF BAPTISTE AFFIDAVIT                                                                             NOV. 12: NEWS: Tsilhqo'tin seek judicial review:  VANCOUVER SUN ...  GLOBE CP STORY


NOV. 11: NEWS: Balanced story on rebid mine's panel review:  JOURNAL OF COMMERCE         NOV. 10: NEWS:  Amnesty International intetested in TNG: WILLIAMS LAKE TRIBUNE           NOV. 10: NEWS: Panel review of rebid mine option a first: WILLIAMS LAKE TRIBUNE                   NOV. 10: Threat to Sacred BC Lake persisits:  SACRED LANDS                                                 NOV. 9:  NEWS: Reaction to review - call for focus on reform by FNWARM: INDIAN COUNTRY  NOV. 8:  NEWS: Chief Baptiste and Brian Battison on CBC -scroll to middle: BC ALMANAC   NOV. 8.  NEWS: Andrew Bell interviews TML CFO Peter Mitchell:  BNN TV                                      NOV. 8:  Federal Official Opposition asks government to reject rebid: NDP NEWS RELEASE   NOV. 8:  NEWS: Derrick Penner blogs on issues raised by review: VANCOUVER SUN                  NOV. 8:  National Chief supports Tsilhqot'in - calls for respect: AFN NEWS RELEASE          NOV. 7:  CEAA DECISION:  CEAA NEWS RELEASE                                                                           NOV. 7:  Tsilhqot'in demands transparent public review by same panel: TNG NEWS RELEASE NOV. 7:  Ten facts that prove the rebid has to be rejected: END OF TNG NEWS RELEASE   NOV. 7:  FNWARM concerned by decision, endorses TNG call for public review: FNWARM NR  NOV. 7:  BC First Nations Summit backs TNG, criticises CEAA decision: FNS NEWS RELEASE   NOV. 7:  Decison a waste of "time, money and goodwill:" UNION of BC INDIAN CHIEFS NR  NOV. 7:  Official Opposition decries wasteful failure to reject proposal: FEDERAL NDP NR      NOV. 7:  BC Liberals approach to mining/First Nations not working: BC NDP NEWS RELEASE NOV. 7:  Why this was the wrong decision: SIERRA CLUB OF BC NEWS RELEASE                   NOV. 7:  Law groups says mines should be rejected: WEST COAST ENVIRONMENTAL LAW    NOV. 7:  NEWS: Kent under fire for review decision: VANCOUVER SUN                                     NOV. 7:  NEWS:  Review panel ordered, but faces opposition: REUTERS                                     NOV. 7:  NEWS: Second review for mine, opponents say not needed: CANADIAN PRESS    NOV. 7:  NEWS:  Mininig site reviews CEAA decision and ramifications: RESOURCE CLIPS

LETTER CAMPAIGN: Stop bid to resurrect rejected Prosperity Mine proposal                           *Chief Baptiste tells investors why Prosperity part 2 will fail again: NORTHERN MINER              *No point reviewing the already-rejected Prosperity bid, Chief Baptiste: HILL TIMES                    *Why resubmitted Prosperity Mine Plan cannot be allowed: LETTER W.L. TRIBUNE                     *TNG on anniversary of mine rejection - 10 reasons why new bid will fail: STATEMENT

NOV. 7:  Proponents and opponents await decision on mine: VANCOUVER SUN                            NOV. 7:  CEAA can reject resubmitted proposal without ordering review:  GLOBE AND MAIL  NOV: 6:  Pick-up of Northern Miner  Chief Baptiste commentary: REPUBLIC OF MINING      NOV. 5:  Stop the resubmitted Prosperity Mine proposal:  WILDSIGHT

NOV. 4: TNG - undertanding why  we oppose Prosperity Mine: VANCOUVER SUN                  NOV. 3: Battison evasive whether TML will stay the course if panel review ordered:  BIV  NOV. 3: Media pick up of Sierra Club NR and TNG statement:  GLOBE AND MAIL... VAN SUN       NOV 3: Sierra Club  BC backs TNG - calls for permits to be rescinded: SCBC NEWS RELEASE  NOV: 3: Some US pick up of Prosperity Mine story:  INDIAN COUNTRY ... NAFCC                            NOV. 2: Friends of Nemiah Valley support TNG: FNOV WEB PAGE                                                       NOV. 2: Reaction to Vancouver Sun pro mine editorial: VANCOUVER SUN LETTER                        NOV. 1:  Rafe Mair on Prosperity Mine and Vancouver Sun coverage:  THE CANADIAN

Oct. 31: Stop Prosperity Mine proposal now:  WILDERNESS COMMITTEE LETTER

OCT. 27:  Council of Canadians camapoigj to save Fish Lake:  COUNCIL OF CANADIANS     OCT 27: So much for balanced coverage 2: Financial Post Editor promotes TML spin in Prosperity Mine fiasco, but won't respond to rebuttal request: THE REBUTTAL FP IGNORED OCT. 27: OCT. 26: So much for balanced coverage: Is Vancouver Sun refused to print these stories  POSTMEDIA ... REUTERS ... and ran this: FAST-TRACK MINE                                          OCT. 27: Wrong project, wrong place, wrong company: Letter:  FONV - W TRIBUNE           LAKE OCT. 24:  AFN Regional Chief Wilson-Raybould op-ed  re Tsilhqot'in: VANCOUVER SUN       OCT. 22  Chief Baptiste awarded Eugene Rogers prize: WILDERNESS COMMITTEE NR           OCT. 21: Taseko Mines Ltd's Battison grilled re proposal: CPAC PRIMETIME POLITICS      OCT. 20:  More on mining's HDI hiring of former CEAA official:  WC ENVIRONMENTAL LAW    OCT: 20:  FNWARM chair responds to "ram mines though" editorial: VANCOUVER SUN    

               TNG TAKES PROSPERITY PART II FIGHT TO OTTAWA - END THIS NOW                      OCT. 19: TNG NEWS RELEASE  .... Stats, Facts, History, Quotes, Links: BACKGROUNDER         OCT. 19:  BC ENVIRONMENTAL GROUPS NEWS RELEASE                                                            OCT. 19:  UNION of BC INDIAN CHIEFS                                                                                                 OCT. 19:  GLOBE AND MAIL ...... VANCOUVER SUN   .....  REUTERS  ....  APTN

OCT. 11: Taskeo Mines Ltd's parent company hires former CEAA/DFO official as Exec VP: WEST COAST ENVIRONMENTAL LAW                                                                                                  OCT. 11:  Recipe for disaster: Province told to "ram through" mines: VAN SUN EDITORIAL

OCT. 6 PUBLIC FORUM ON MINING IN BC:  VIMEO RECORDING .... YOU TUBE RECORDING    DETAILS  More  than 120 people attended the event. The government at the last  minute close not to participate, but the remaining panellists  provided a lively discussion.  The entire event will be aired on Rogers, Victoria, later this month and a link to the video will be posted here as soon as it is available. To read the positions put 'forward by FNWARM Chief Bev Sellars, please click: SPEAKING NOTES    News Coverage: VICTORIA TIMES COLONIST

OCT. 2: Mining not a big creator of jobs - Simon Fraser U professor: POSTMEDIA STORY

SEPT. 30: Why Prosperity Proposal is wrong: WEST COAST ENVIRONMENTAL LAW        SEPT. 29: Where are the new mines?  GLOBE AND MAIL                                                            SEPT. 24:  Concerns over Premier Clark's pledge to fast track mines: CANADIAN PRESS  SEPT. 22: Union of BC Indian Chiefs support Tsilhqot'in: UBCIC RESOLUTION              SEPT. 15: No Means No - personal report on why TML bid is wrong:  WEST COAST LAW SEPT. 15: BC Environmental Assessment weak - letter to editor: WILLIAMS LAKE TRIBUNE SEPT. 12: FNWARM Chair Chief Sellars, on need for mining reform: HILL TIMES - Go to P.14 SEPT. 9: National Chief says FNs ignored on resource development: POSTMEDIA

AUG. 30: Cash-flush Canadian firms lead world in mining acquisitions: ERNST & YOUNG     AUG. 26: Review pointless and costly - reject rebid Prosperity proposal now: TNG RELEASE  AUG. 26: Taseko Mines claims victory, but TNG says reject bid now: CANADIAN PRESS             AUG. 27: CEAA says Taseko wrong to claim its project awarded EA review: VANCOUVER SUN

AUG. 11:  BC First Nations look to China for development partnerships: VANCOUVER SUN AUG. 2: TGN and Carrier Sekani leaders rebut Yaffe pro mine column: VANCOUVER SUN          AUG. 2: Friends of Nemiah Valley rebut Yaffe pro mine column: VANCOUVER SUN               AUG. 2 : Salmon industry supporter rebuts Yaffe column: VANCOUVER SUN                                  JULY 25: Barbara Yaffe says First Nations should embrace TML's mine: VANCOUVER SUN

JULY 20: New audit shows BC EAO process favoured mine proponents:  TNG RELEASE           JULY 20: Northwest Institute audit of Fed/Prov EAs for Prosperity Mine: NR/REPORT               JULY 20: Conservatives consider CEAA 43% cut, aboriginal consultation cut:  POSTMEDIA   JULY 22: NDP slams BC government on environmental assessment:  NDP NEWS RELEASE JULY 22:  NWI  audit vompsres federal and BC EA processes: THE TYEE                                JULY 22: Round up of Propserity EA process and reaction: SEA-TO-SKY REPORT                     JULY 26: NWI study  paints blesk picture of BC EAO process:  WILLIAMS LAKE TRIBUNE

July 19: Taku River Tlingit-BC Land Use Planning/G2G agreement:     Joint News Release... Agreements.... FNWARM congratulates TRTFN

JULY 14: AFN Chiefs  denounce Prosperity mine rebid:  TNG RELEASE...PG CITIZEN STORY JULY 7: BC's AG Slams Environmental Assessment Office: CBC NEWS ... SIERRA CLUB BC  JULY 5: Ex BC Gov't bureaucrat new MABC President: conflict issues: GLOBE AND MAIL           JULY 2: BC Mining refrom urgently needed: VICTORIA TIMES-COLONIST ... VANCOUVER SUN

July 5: Kitchenuhmaykoosib Inninuwug (Ontario). Declaration to protect waters and Lands: DECLARATION ... NEWS RELEASE

TASEKO JUNE 6th REBID of rejected mine project- full 150-page  proposal:  PDF FILE        June 9: Analysis shows new mine bid no better than rejected one: MININGWATCH                      June 8: Tsilhqot'in say Taseko re-bid should be rejected now: TNG NEWS RELEASE                   June 9: Opposition mounts against Taseko's rebid: COUNCIL OF CANADIANS                               June 6: BC Mines Minister criticizes Taseko's approach:  PALMER - VANCOUVER SUN     June 9: Premier Clark says no mine for Taseko without trust of First Nations:  GLOBE/MAIL

May 25: Caribou before coal - Court upholds West Moberly FN win: WMFN NEWS RELEASE  MAY 20:  Park mining proposal shows need for mining reform: FNWARM NEWS RELEASE MAY 16:  MABC has to come to table and discuss real issues:  FNWARM LETTER  VAN SUN MAY 11:  No action re Taseko stock plunge investigation: FINANCIAL POST                                MAY   9: Mining industry recognizes FN Title/Rights - MABC COLUMN IN VANCOUVER SUN

APRIL 28:  Where the Candidates stand on rejected Prosperity lan: PG CITIZEN STORY            APRIL 11: Another reason to stop Prosperity Mine - Chilko super salmon:  NEW STUDY             MAR 22:  Call for water day protest against Prosperity mine:  FRIENDS OF NEMAIAH VALLEY MAR. 17: Maker of Order of Canada medals blacklists Prosperity Project:  RIDEAU BLOG *MAR. 10:  Clark asked to drop Hawes from mines portfolio: FNWARM NEWS RELEASE *MAR. 7: FNWARM AT PDAC - Endorses EARTHWORKS/MiningWatch letter; urges banks/ investors to reject bad projects and promote mining reform:  FNWARM NEWS RELEASE  

MAR. 16: Forest of Blue - Canada the world's waterkeeper:  Pew Environment Group Report

MAR. 7:  International EARTHWORKS and MiningWatch Canada  raise BC's Prosperity Mine bid issues with Credit Suisse financiers: NEWS RELEASE/LETTER ... BACKGROUNDER

(See further down for more on Mining Reform Campaign)

NOV. 24. FNWARM WINS PRESTIGIOUS CANADIAN BOREAL AWARD: CBI NEWS RELEASE ...  DENE KASKA NEWS STORY  ... CALEDONIA COURIER STORY                                       Photo below (from  left to right): Tamara Olding; Kathaleigh George; Joanna Prince;             Grand Chief Ed John; Chief Marilyn Baptiste; Anne Marie Sam (Chair); Verna Power;               Betty Patrick; Chief Dolly Abraham; Corrine Porter; Chief Bev Sellars.                                         




Feb. 25:  Copy of TNG lawyer's letter re Taseko Mine's new bid. LETTER....REF. MATERIAL Feb. 24: Tsilhqot'in say new Taseko bid cynical, costly and dangerous: TNG NEWS RELEASE  Feb: 24:  First Nations say no to Taseko - nothing to discuss:  WILLIAMS LAKE TRIBUNE          Feb. 24:  New Taseko bid shows province was fooled: PAUL WILLCOCKS. VICTORIA TC            Feb. 22: Legal  questions re Taseko's "Fish Lake 2": WEST COAST ENVIRONMENTAL LAW      Feb. 22:  Taseko out of touch with reality: NDP REALITY CHECK                                                          Feb. 21:  Taseko announces revised Prosperity project and rebid:  TASEKO NEWS RELEASE
Feb. 21:  Reuters – Harper indicates a new Prosperity bid would be a tough sell: 

Feb. 11:  TV News Report on Clark's mine comments controversy:  APTN NATIONAL NEWS Feb.11: Mining reform, not bullying, will create jobs/growth: TSILHQOT'IN NEWS RELEASE Feb. 11:  Union of BC Indian Chiefs slam Clark's comments: UBCIC NEWS RELEASE            Feb. 10*: Clark should reverse support for 'Franken-mine" project: FNWARM RELEASE        Feb. 10: Wilderness Committee criticizes Clark's mine pledge: WC NEWS RELEASE            Feb. 10:  NDP leadership candidate says Clark on wrong path. HORGAN NEWS RELEASE   Feb. 10:  Caribou MLA says Clark should focus on change: BOB SIMPSON NEWS RELEASE Feb. 9: NDP calls Clark's stand on mine confrontational: BC NDP RELEASE                                 Feb 9:  Sierrra Club - Clark's disregard for FN rights/environment: SCBC NEWS RELEASE         Feb. 9:  Christy Clark makes ressurecting Prosperity Project a Priority: GLOBE AND MAIL  Feb. 8. BC FN Leadership letter to Liberal leadership candidates: LETTER TO CANDIDATES

Jan. 23: Why companies must work genuinely with First Nations: PETROLEUM NEWS               Jan. 22: Bell wants improved FN relations (see end of pro Taseko story): VANCOUVER SUN Jan. 21: FNWARM members at AME BC Mining Roundup in Vancouver: NEWS RELEASE     Jan. 21:  Tsilhqot'in unanimous on  mine rebid - Taseko repating same mistakes: WTWL  Jan. 20: TNG Resonds to Taseko rebid - Prosperity proposal is dead: TNG NEWS RELEASE Jan. 13: Responses to Taseko'splaqn to resubmit Prosperity Mine bid: WELCOME TO WL       Jan. 11:  Taseko to resubmit bid for rejected Prosperity project: WILLIAMS LAKE TRIBUNE      Jan. 10: Apology from Walter Cobb and paper to Friends  pf Nemiaih Valley: WL TRIBUNE 

TNG congatulates Government for  decision rejecting proposed Prosperity mine.- Seeks assurance that pressure to reverse it from conpany an proponents will not work. Seeks consultation to find better way forward for mining in BC:  LETTER TO MINISTER BAIRD


DEC. 17: Nak'azdli seek judicial review of Mr. Milligan mine new ownership:  NEWS RELEASE ...PG CITIZEN STORY

DECEMBER: Rosebud's Fish Lake Series: PART 1 ... PART 2 ... PART 3 ... PART 4                    DEC. 10: Mayor still pushing mine:  WILLIAMS LAKE TRIBUNE                                                      DEC 6. Williams Lake tream still pushing for desicredited mine: DEC: 10:  Mayor still hopes mine can be built:  BARRIER NEWS STORY  

NOV.26. BC's Minister Bell to ask Ottawa and TNG if mine worth pursuing? OPINION 250   NOV.24. MP Dick Harris and WLT Council and Chamber  head to Ottawa: WL TRIBUNE       NOV 26. Call for Inquiry - Taseko share plunge prior to federal nixing of mine: THE CITIZEN   NOV.24: Questions raised about Taseko shares plunge and possible leak:  THE NATIONAL

NOV. 19. Feature on the campaign to save Fish Lake and its importance: ROSEBUD MAG NOV.19. Vale stands firm on Sandy Pond, but fight over Schedule 2 continues: BUSINESS NOV.17. United Steel Workers position on Prosperity Mine:  WILLIAMS LAKE TODAY              NOV. 16.TONY PEARSE - The Naked Truth about the EA Process: THE TYEE                                 NOV.16. Opinion:  Environmental Assessment Act needs to be revamped: VANCOUVER SUN NOV.15. Report on launch of TNG BC Appeal Court Title and rights case: APTN TV REPORT     NOV.15. Tony Pearse on why Ottawa nixed Prosperity mine:  VANCOUVER SUN COLUMN NOV.13. Federal court thotrugh out NWT mine bid, lack of FN consultation: CBC NEWS     NOV.13. Comments on decision by human rights group: AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL                NOV.12. *Landmark court case, mine plan is dead, need for reform: TNG NEWS RELEASE NOV.12.  Story on Court Case and FNWARM newea release: WILLIAMS LAKE TRIBUNE NOV.12. Green Party Leader Elizabeth May on future for Wiliams Lake: GREEN PARTY BLOG NOV. 9.* FNWARM calls for industry/government to work with First Nations:  NEWS RELEASE  NOV. 8.  Environmental Law -  why Prosperity  proposal can't be submitted:  ANALYSIS            Trying to get it right  - Serengeti Exploration Agreement with Takla Lake FN                           

                                   VICTORY FOR FISH LAKE

INTERESTING TIMELINE - Nov. 2 - Federal Envrionment Minister Jim Prentice rejects proposed Prosperity Mine... Nov. 3 - Premier Campbell announces he is quitting for good of party ... Nov. 4 - Prentice announces he is quitting for private sector



                               SAVE TEZTAN BINY (FISH LAKE)

 FNWARM Declaration of Support     SPEAK OUT: Be heard with click of a button www.afn.ca

NEW. Nov. 1. BC's flawed logic to wrongly approve killing Fish Lake: GLOBE - MARK HUME  NEW. Nov. 1.  Feature - Chief Baptiste details why mine must be rejected: COMMON GROUND

NEW. Oct. 29. Green's  leader to visit WL,  expected to support Fish Lake: WL TRIBUNE        NEW. Oct. 29: Mine proposal generates  anger, barbs and threats: CANADIAN PRESS      NEW. Oct. 29: Tsilhqot'in honor warrioe chiefs in New Westminster:  NEWS LEADER        NEW. Oct. 27. Harvard In't Human rights Clinic article on choice facing Ottawa: HARVARD NEW. Oct. 25. Cabinet shuffle. Bennett loses mines to Bell's superministry: BLACK PRESS  NEW. Oct. 25. Bennett pleads for mine, but James says it would be mistake: GLOBE & MAIL

NEW. Oct. 29. Globe considers poll changes: GLOBE ....  story on poll security  THE TYEE NEW. Oct. 28.  Globe dismisses call for compromised poll to be corrected: THE TYEE                NEW. OCT. 26. Report on bogus votes for YES side in Globe Poll:  THE TYEE                                   NEW. Oct. 25. Complaint re suspected mass bogus pro-mine voting in Globe poll:  NOTICE  NEW. Oct. 22. Mine supporters boast of cheating, insult FNs, as NO side leads in poll: APTN

NEW: Oct. 21.  Nak'azdli  on new mine ownership, need for consultation: NEWS RELEASE       - Latest report on Nak'adzli and Shus Nadloh (Mt. Milligan) Mine: Story                                         

NEW. Oct. 21. Interview with Chief Joe Alphonse. (Scroll to 19 minutes):  APTN NEWS HOUR NEW. Oct. 21.  Okanagan Nation Alliance - Support for TNG:  LETTER AND RESOLUTION   NEW: Oct. 21. National Chief Atleo meets TNG chiefs re mine proposal:  WL TRIBUNE            NEW. Oct. 21. Tsilhqot'in rights case begins Nov. 15 - impact on mine?   WL TRIBUNE       NEW. Oct. 21. BC NDP leader calls for mining commission to create fairness: THE TYEE       NEW. Oct. 21. Lakes can be killed for mines. Only in Canada - pity:  SIERRA CLUB BC BLOG  NEW. Oct. 20. National Chief meets with TNG to discuss mine strategy:  GLOBE AND MAIL NEW. Oct. 20. Candadian cos -  worst env/ethics record: PDAC COMMISSIONED REPORT  NEW. Oct. 19.  In depth look at the battle to save or kill Fish Lake: CBC'S THE CURRENT             NEW. Oct. 19. NEW: Canadian mining co's worst offenders: PDAC-COMMISSIONED STUDY      NEW: Oct. 19. AI's "writefor justice" campaign to support TNG:  AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL NEW. Oct. 18. Open letter to Ministers caling for mine's rejection.  UBCIC OPEN LETTER           NEW. Oct. 18. Outdated poll a weak attempt to manipulate decision: TNG NEWS RELEASE  ...   WLT responds to NR...WLT STORY                                                                                                   

Oct. 15.  AFN National Chief Alteo's column in the Vancouver Sun:  CHIEF ATLEO OP-ED            Oct. 14.  Taseko shares plunge, but minister says no decision yet:  BLOOMBERG                 Oct. 14.  MUST SEE. Feature on Tsilqot'in fight to protect way of life:  APTN TV REPORT             Oct. 13.  Province can't control harmojnised EA process - chief BaptisteL  THE TYEE               Oct. 13.  Chief Baptiste speaks about mine at Mission Film Festival:  VIDEO                                   Oct.   8.  Decision will reveal government's true character: WILLIAMS LAKE TODAY  

Oct. 7. Does PM Harper agree with Mr. Cobb and Mr. Hawes:  TNG NEWS RELEASE              Oct. 6. BC Gov't must condemm Cobbs offensive attack:  MLA BOB SIMPSON NR                 Oct. 5. Campbell despate - mine support insult to First Nations: TNG NEWS RELEASE          Oct. 5. CoC boss insults FNs and predicts violence against them:  APTN.......PROVINCE       Oct. 3. Alaska precedent bad news for Fish Lake?  TORONTO STAR COLUMN                       Oct. 1. FNS, CSTC, Takla call for Junior Mines Minister's resignation:  NEWS RELEASE

Sept. 30:  David Suzuki Foundation speaks out aganst mine project:  NATIONTALK                Sept. 29: Political donations helped sway BC on mine?  APTN TV REPORT                             Sept. 28. Does Taseko Mines think it has a deal with Ottawa?:  TNG NEWS RELEASE                Sept. 28. Taseko jobs info session premature: TNG LETTER TO EDITOR WLT                               Sept. 27: AFN Rgnl. Chiefs Roger Augustine and Eric Morris op-ed:  NATIONAL POST         Sept. 24: TASEKO POLITICAL DONATIONS:  ELECTIONS BC RECORDS                                              Sept. 24: Taseko, BC told since 1995 project could not be approved: DFO LETTERS            Sept. 24. Political Donations and DFO letters raise serious issues:  TNG  RELEASE             Sept. 24. DFO warned 15 years ago mine was an environmental no go: APTN REPORT 

Sept.. 22: Critics of Pro Mine tactics: MLA Bob Simpson ... Willams Lake resident                           Sept. 21:  Chief Baptiste Globe and Mail Column: Ottawa must not sell out Tsilhqot'in                 Sept. 20:  Federal Liberals say proposed mine must be rejected  APTN Report                              Sept. 17: Province must explain about-face:  TNG News Release                                                          Sept. 17: More coverage of BC contradticions in approving mine: Globe and Mail                             Sept. 16:  Conflict looming in BC over megaprojects: Video                                                                   Sept. 16:  Interview with Elder Mabel Solomon about Teztan Biny: Video                                             Sept. 16:  Losing Ground? The Fight for Teztan Biny: Radio Documentary                                          Sept. 15: Mine now approved in arae BC previously declared  a no-go zone:  APTN                          Sept. 14: TNG letter to Mining Association of BC: News Release  and  READ LETTER                      Sept. 14:  Save Fish Lake slideshow message: Youtube                                                                        Sept. 13: NDP NR - Stop the mine: Tough decision...Vancouver Sun                                                  Sept. 9: Video report:  CTVBC NEWS....NDP support First Nations: VIDEO APTN main news          Sept. 9:  Amnesty International interview on FN Rights: CBC Daybreak North                                    Sept. 8:  Prosperity's Propensity for Problems:  Ibbitson - Globe and Mail                                           Sept. 8:  NR -  First Nations Fear Aggression if Forced to Defend Their Lands               

Sept 2, 2010. STOP THE MINE: Releases TNG News Release.... AFN news release.... Envrionmental Groups NR ... UBCIC News Release....Tahltan New Release...                        Sample news coverage:  Global TV  BC ....APTN Top Story...Globe and Mail...Canadian Press... Sun Media

Envrionmental group letter writing campaigns:  Sierra Club... .Council of Canadians...       Political letter writing campaign:  MP Denis Savoie     Human Rights - Amnesty International

             Videos: See what the fight is all about:  BLUE GOLD.... ALICE WILLIAM  

SAMPLE SUPPORT LETTERS                                                                                                                        AFN National chief Shawn Atleo - Letter of Support                                                                                 BC First Nations Leadership Council -  Letter of Support for TNG                                                       Union of BC Indian Chiefs - News Release and Letter of Support                                                       BC First Nations Summit - News Release                                                                                                  FNWARM - Declaration of Support                                                                                                               Simpcw First Nation, BC - Letter of Support                                                                                              Tseycum First Nation, BC - Letter of Support                                                                                            Michipicoten First Nation, ON - Letter of Support                                                                             Little Black Bear's Band, Sask.  -Letter of Support                                                                           Chief Leon Chalifoux, Swan River First Nation, Alberta: Letter of Support                                  NDP - Ottawa must reject mine proposal - NDP MP Cullen news release                                          Human Rights - Amnesty International                                                                                                      Council of Canadians - News Release                                                                                                        Unitarian Church - Letter of Support                                          

Aug. 18: Survey finds BC ranks on 26th as minning investment jurisdiction - uncertainty over land claims a major concern - Summary  or Full Report                                                                 Aug. 10: Grand Chief Phillip warns of potential confrontation Kamloops This Week                  Aug. 4:  Economic review must be independent -  News Release                                                 July 30:  TNG News Release:  TNG to Bennett - Our Culture Cannot be Bought                              Wiliams Lake Tribune - News Story                                                                                                             Dr. Dr. Shaffer explains why Prosperity is poor deal for BC -  Policy Op-ed

July 27:  TNG Letter to members of BC Federal Conservative Caucus  also   Open Letter in media to Prime Minister  

July 21

July 19 -  Column by Xeni Gwet'in Chief Marilyn Baptiste - Vancouver Sun                                 July 14 - NR: Mine would cost BC $20 million a year  Full study: Read Shaffer Analysis   Also read: Kuyek Anaklysis and Open letter   VIEW BNN: Commodities with Andrew Bel


 News Release - links to summary and full report                                                                    Tsilqot'in National government - News Release  and  Backgrounder


- Harvard Law School International Human Rights Clinic - Story and slide show on experience of Talka Lake First Nation Study  

        Sample Media Coverage

  • BC Mining Laws Unfair to Native People Harvard Law School Study. Globe & Mail
  • Mining Laws Unfair to first Nations – Study:  Vancouver Sun 
  • Mining Process Fails Natives – Study::  Victoria Times Colonist 
  • Mining Process Fails Natives – Study:  The Tyee
  • BC laws unfair to FNs: Harvard report takes Victoria to task: Vancouver Province
  • First Nations’ Rights Need More Protection from Mining Activities: Globe-Net
  • Canada Assembly of First Nations wants legal protections from mining: MineWeb
  • TV News Report: APTN June 7 (Clip is approx. half way through the show).
  • Radio Interview with Author (click play button, move timebar to 12.14 Bamoseda
  • NEW: Minister - relations with FNs fine, traditional ways of life unhealthy.CP
  • NEW: Minister comments "complete disregard" for First Nations  The Tyee 
  • NEW: Report shows FN Consultation shortcomings. Prince Rupert News
  • NEW: Windspearker report June 25: Read article

June 3, 2019. FNWARM Chair Anne Marie Sam discusses FN mining issues with Andrew Bell on BNN's Commodities. View clip         


ONLINE CAMPAIGN TO SAVE FISH LAKE and opposing budget omnibus bill to undermine federal EA process.  Sierra Club

SAVE TEZTAN BINY  RALLY - Wednesday, June 16, 12:15 PM, outside AGM at Taseko Mines head office, downtown Vancouver... Williams Lake Tribune Story

 25-year Drilling lease to Taseko not a legal license - First Nations

 Court challenge to amendment allowing lakes to be used as taling ponds

External support sites -  

News Releases -

May 18, 2010:  FNWARM Article in The Prospector Weekly/Aboriginal Miner:

FNWARM Chair Anne Marie Sam participated in the April 21  Water Act Modernization workshop in Vancouver. FNWARM has now provided a written submission to the Minister of environment's Living Smart Water team. READ SUBMISSION.  Link to the modernization process blog:  http://blog.gov.bc.ca/livingwatersmart. 

Help in negotiating agreements with companies, Free to First Nations - detailed step-by-step guide from Walter and Duncan Gordon Foundation to negotating Impact Benefits Agreements: www.ibacommunitytoolkit.ca